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You can find a 3 in 1 credit score at They charge a small fee for this service.

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You can go to to get a 2010 credit report and credit score. This is free but you have to sign up for the trial. You can then cancel the trial before it is over and you will not have to pay anything. You can also go to

John002: Not all credit cards report to all credit bureaus. The only way to ascertain that you have a good credit score across the board is to get a 3 in 1 credit score. Hope it helps!

These factor are involved to decide you credit score1- Your Payment history2- Amount you owed3- Length of credit history4- New credit5- How you used credit

A 3 in 1 credit score simply means that it will include a report from all three of the major credit reporting agencies: Experian, Transunion and Equifax. A 3-in-1 credit report includes bureau reports from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

there are three reporting agencies and this allows you to get your credit score from all three. it also allows you to check for inaccuracies your score.

If you pay credit card 1 on time and are never late, but your overall credit score is poor, are chances good that they won't lower the credit limit on credit card 1

Credit agencies are required by law to provide one free report to you each year. You can find them at,, and What is my credit score By law, you are give 1 free credit report per year. This report does not include your FICO score. I use Its easy to use. I DO NOT KNOW

Your best be will be to visit You are allowed 1 free credit report every 12 months. This will allow you to see in what areas your score is lacking before you make a home purchase.

Maintaining your finances is not only about managing your spending habits and paying the bills every month; it also requires periodically looking at your credit report and credit score. No matter how good you are at keeping your bills and debts paid on time, if a mistake occurs and is not corrected it can make your credit score lower and might result in denial when you apply for a loan. Fortunately, it is possible to get free credit checks.Free Annual ReportEvery citizen of the United States is provided with one free annual credit report via the credit reporting agencies. While the report will not have the credit score, it does allow you to look for mistakes on the report and make changes if you notice that something is inaccurate.The free annual report is available through three methods: the website, a toll-free number or a mailing address. Going to the website and asking for your report is perhaps the easiest way to get the report. Otherwise, you can call 1-877-322-8228 and make a request over the phone. The last option will take longer to process and usually is only necessary if you are out of the country or do not have access to a phone or Internet.Free Credit ScoreThe credit agencies are not required to provide a free credit score. While this is true, it is possible to find out your credit score along with the report of the details. The credit score numbers often affect interest rates and whether a loan is approved or denied, so it is important to periodically find out about your score.One option to obtain a free credit score is to ask at your local bank or ask your credit card customer service representative. Some banks and credit cards will offer one free credit score and report, though others will not provide this service and might charge a fee. This is usually the first place to look to find out if you can get a free credit score.If you do not want to go through your bank or they do not provide a free score and report, the website provides a credit report and credit score for free every six months. The website not only gives you the information about your credit score, it offers advice on how you can improve your credit score as well.Keeping track of your credit score and report helps you correct mistakes easily. Since it is possible to obtain the report and score free, there is no reason to put off looking at your credit information.

First find out exactly why your score is 595 and try to increase it, I like Phil Turner's Credit Bible for information on increasing your credit score. Paying off your car loan would proably reduce your score in the long run because of the type of credit is necessary to a great score. There are many ways to build your credit score. Below is a way of interpreting your credit score. Given the current credit score stats, how does this relate to your own personal score? Generally, if your score is higher than 660, you will be considered a good credit risk. If your score is below 620, then you might have a tougher time getting a loan. The following ratings explain the impact of the different score ranges: * 720-850 - Excellent - This represents the best score range and best financing terms. * 700-719 - Very Good - Qualifies a person for favorable financing. * 675-699 - Average - A score in this range will usually qualify for most loans. * 620-674 - Sub-prime - May still qualify, but will pay higher interest. * 560-619 - Risky - Will have trouble obtaining a loan. * 500-559 - Very Risky - Need to work on improving your rating. Again, if you want to learn more about credit scores and how to improve yours: Take a look at Phil Turner's Credit Bible. You should find valuable information on fixing and improving your credit.

A credit card may negatively impact a credit history in a few ways. 1. Paying your credit card late will hurt your credit. 2. Keeping a high balance on your credit cards will lower a credit score. 3. Going over the credit limit will negatively impact your credit score.

The minimum credit score (CIBIL Score) is 300 and if your credit score is 220 so don't worry about it. I am giving some loan companies names that have a less interest rate on the loan amount.Following are some banks that provide you a loan with the lower Credit Score:1. LoanMart2. Bajaj Finance3. Ujjivan4. MudraKwik5. IIFL

Here's what I've heard: Checking your score, by law, cannot affect your credit score. However, if several companies check your score in a short time (say you applied for several cards at once), then this will temporarily hurt your score. This depends on how and where you check. There are three major credit repositories: Equifax Experian TransUnion If a consumer goes to each bureau and requests their raw data, there is no impact their credit score. If, however, a consumer goes to a third party vendor, even through the bureau's own website, that WOULD generate an inquiry which MAY lower your credit score. Inquiries have very little impact on your credit score. Credit scores have been redesigned in recent years to account for the fact that many people shop for credit. The main factors in lowering a credit score are 1)making late payments or outright default and 2)level of credit balances.

588 is a pretty low credit score. I am sure you can find a place that will finance you, depending on a couple things: 1) The price of the car you want to finance. 2) The amount of down payment you have. 3) The amount of collateral you have in possession. A low credit score will result in a high interest rate. A high interest rate will result in a long / higher payment.

The credit limit depends on many different things. 1 and most being your credit history and your credit score. Those are the two things credit issuing businesses use to issue credit. Example. 1} i have a forty with 20 years of excellent credit and a credit score of high to mid 800's this type of person can get a credit limit of 10000 or 100000 2} if i have a 40 yr old with a bad and short credit of 1 year of many delinquent account with a credit score of 450 then you would pretty much get a secured credit card because no credit issuing business would wanna to take the risk especially in today's market

A few ways to improve your credit score is to 1. get out of debt. 2. always pay off your credit card in full. 3. Use your cards lightly. 4. Use your old card. For more ideas on how to improve your score is located on

stevenlani3: is the perfect place to get all three of your credit scores and you have the option of credit monitoring and/or additional services.

The average credit score in America is 680, so YES, 617 is bad. You should consider doing a few things to improve your credit score. 1. Pay your bills on time. 2. Keep your credit card utilization rate at 20% or less 3. As a friend or relative to add you as an authorized user on their credit cards. (As long as they have a clean payment history and good utilization rate) 4. Do not apply for credit more than once every 6 months. 5. If you have negative information on your credit report you may want to go through it and check it for errors. If you find incorrect information, contact the credit bureaus to have the account updated or deleted. Or you may hire a credit repair service to handle that part of the process for you.

For a business loan, your personal and business credit scores (if relevant) are taken into consideration. Lenders will commonly accept a business credit score of 75 and above (primarily based on 1 to 100) and a personal score of at least 640.

No. You are entitled to 1 Free credit report per year. From each of the 3 agencies: Esperian, Trans union, and Equifax. Unlike the 3 free credit reports you can request each year (, obtaining a FICO score always costs something. Go to to learn more, and to order your FICO scores.

Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting agencies, offers a 3 in 1 credit report and FICO score on their website TransUnion also offers a 3-in-1 credit report on

A credit score is obtained by information in your credit history. It tells a lending institution how dependable you can be for paying back debt. Credit scores range from 1 to 9, and you do have the right to know what is written in your credit history. In Canada, you do this by contacting one of Canada's credit bureaus (either TransUnion Canada or Equifax Canada).

Let me tell u this is a good question and I am the 1 who had my fico score go from 565 to 703. U first have to get your credit pulled from the three companys Transunion,Equifax and Experian.After this is done then u can start your new credit line by applying for a cheap credit card one that u have a credit limit of $200-500 then just pay on that. Remember don't be late on any payments,Or your credit score will go down.After about 6months the will increase your credit limit.Then u will get more applications in the mail from other credit companys.Thats the way u start ur credit. Just remember if u pay off the credit limit in 1 yr.Then go to another company they will almost give u the max for that card.Hope this was helpful to u good luck.

1. Max out your credit cards. 2. Pay your bills late. (Or stop paying them altogether.)

You could use the freecreditreport website take the trial promotion and cancel before the period of time they give, that way it will be free.