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The first place to look for ringtones is your own wireless carrier, contact them

Many of the ringtone sites are based outside the U.S, most of them will NOT work with your phone and/or wireless provider.

Ringtones are protected by copyrights. the artist is due a royalty for use of their work. If you download ringtones, check that the web site is paying copyright fees to the copyright owners, it will clearly say on the home page that they have secured all the necessary rights to distribute the music in the form of a ringtone. Ringtone sites that pirate music don't pay copyright fees and still charge a fee to their users and are now targeted for music industry lawsuits.

Truly free ringtones are in public domain, and free of copyrights.

Be aware of deceptive ads offering ringtones for free - the ads in question offers one free ring tone to cell phone customers who respond to ads via text message, but fail to inform users that they would be subscribed to a monthly service

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