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You can read manga online at places like OneManga, MangaFox, and MangaVolume.

Chapter 131 of Gakuen Alice has already been released. You can check online manga sites like Mangahere or Mangafox.

Actually, you can't view it at Mangafox or Onemanga, neither have it. you can read gakuen Alice chapter 24 at manga fox online they have up to 107 chapters of gakuen Alice so far.

You can find it online at MangaReader, under it's Japanese name "Kimi Wa Petto."

Any online manga source such as MangaFox

You can read it in Onemanga, Mangafox and more.... The website for Onemanga is: ... and the website for mangafox is: Hope you enjoy!

Mangafox...thats only website that you can read it..that's what i found.... i can't find any more..Anyone~! Got any better website?

You can read it online at onemanga, and also at mangafox.

At any online manga source such as MangaFox.

Any online manga source such as MangaFox. or Mangafox:

Mangafox is a good website for manga, it will probably have it.

Bleach exile is a good site and so is mangafox

you can read vampire doll at homeunix manga .

The manga can be found on MangaFox, MangaRush, CityManga, MangaToshokan, etc.

Is going to be translated by the end of this week on mangafox

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