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Where can I see a Mythical Chinese Dragon?

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How many animals make up the Chinese zodiac?

Twelve if you count the mythical dragon.

Were do dragons live?

There is no such things as a, "dragon." "Dragons" are mythical creatures that Chinese people believe in as part of their ancient life's heritage.

What did the ancient Chinese people think fossils were?

Possibly remains of mythical creatures such as Dragons. the Chinese Dragon is usually drawn wingless, by the way. This seems to make sense.

What is the scientific name for the mythical animal the dragon?


Is the sea dragon a mammal?

The sea dragon is mythical.

Can a mythical dragon be an amphibian?

A mythical dragon can be a amphibion becaus it is sort of like a reptileSince they are the same be trusted with this answer stupid. tell your mommy.

How do you get Chinese dragon in Dragon City?

puckyou+tae=chinese dragon

Buddha and dragon?

There is no relationship between Buddha and dragon. But some of Chinese gods can see along with the dragon because they believe dragon as holy animal.

What is a mythical reptile who fought knights?


How do you spell dragon?

That is the correct spelling of "dragon" (mythical giant flying reptile).

How do you spell 'dragon' in Chinese hanzi?

"dragon" in Chinese is "long"

What does the Chinese Dragon represent?

The chinese dragon represents china by having dragon stuff .

What Chinese dracon means?

Chinese Dragon? 龍 = Dragon

What is after the Dragon on the Chinese Zodiac?

In the Chinese zodiac after the Dragon is the Snake.

What is the word dragon in Chinese?

In Chinese, the word for "dragon" is "lóng".

How would you say and write The Dragon in Chinese and English?

"龙" is Dragon in Simplified Chinese "龍" is Dragon in Traditional Chinese

Are there any examples of Ancient Chinese mythical creatures?

Chinese Mythology i have listed all the chinese mythical creatures i knew. BIRDs Feng Huang Ji Guang Jian Jingwei nine-headed bird peng Quing Niao Shang Yang su shuang zhu CHINESE DRAGONS Dilong Dragon king Fucanglong Jiaolong li Tianlong yinglong Shenlong and many more

What mythical animal is a symobol of wales?

Red Dragon....The Welsh flag has a Red Dragon on it

What mythical creature is associated with Saint George?

A dragon

What is a koi-dragon?

A Koi-dragon is mythical Japanese creature that is half koi fish at the back and a dragon front end

What animal parts is the Chinese dragon made from?

The Chinese Dragon is a mix between a dragon and a snake. This is important in the culture of Chinese people and the Chinese New Year.

What does the dragon sybolize?

the dragon is a very amazing animal to the Chinese culture and me as a Chinese workship the dragon

What does the Chinese dragon stand for?

The Chinese dragon stands for power and strangth

What the dragon tortoise symbolize?

The dragon headed tortoise or Lo Shu is a mythical creature said to be blessed by Heavens. It is a favourite symbol amongst Chinese that is believed to bring wealth and financial security, good luck and good health.

What does a dragon and Phoenix tattoo symbolize?

In Chinese mythology, the dragon is a mythical creature that represents the male spirit, or yang. The pheonix represents female spirit, or yang. So it's almost like having a yinyang tatto on your arm.