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Log on to Google.Com and then type in Pomeranians hit the search button this will bring up a list of different websites that may have what you are looking for. You can also try going to this will bring you to a site where you can receive information on the different shelters and breed rescues that may have pomeranians available in your area, or AKC.Org for a list of breeders. Also try going to they list dogs that are available all over the US, Canada, and then some. I myself am currently on the lookout for another Pom and have gotten a number of prospective new additions to the family off these sites. hope this helps, Kechara The best place to find a dog on the internet is If you don't want to get a dog from the Internet, you can check your local newspaper to see if anybody is selling a pomeranian.

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Q: Where can Pomeranian dogs be bought or adopted?
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Are the Pomeranian dogs nice?

Pomeranian dogs are great dogs that like children most of the time between the ages of 5 - however old. They also are fast learners and LOVE to be pampered. but not all Pomeranian dogs!!

Are pomeranian dogs cute?

In my opinion they are SOOO cute! i LOVE Pomeranian dogs. I have got a 2 month year old Pomeranian and she is really cute. :)

Are pomeranian husky hypoallergenic?

Pomeranian husky breeds are mix breed dogs. They are not pure bred. This mixed breed of Pomeranian huskies are a breed of hypoallergenic dogs. Another name for this breed of dogs is pomsky.

What is the population of the pomeranian dogs?

About 300,00

What is the smalist breed of dogs?

chihuahua and pomeranian

What are Pomeranian dogs adaptations like?


How is a Pomeranian and an Alaskan Malamute similar?

Both the Pomeranian and the Alaskan Malamute are Spitz breed dogs. To my knowledge this is the only common characteristic of the two dogs.

Is the Pomeranian a hypoallergenic dog?

No, the Pomeranian sheds heavily, so they are not recommended as pets for people allergic to dogs.

Are pomeranians police dogs?

Yes, in every state they have pomeranian police dogs they are used to catch criminals or sniff out drugs they quit using Pomeranian police dogs in April 13, 2011.

Were did pomeranian dogs come from?

Pomeranians originated from Germany.

What breed is Preston in the book Hotel for Dogs?


Are adopted dogs better then bought ones?

OK so when you buy dogs those dogs are taken away from their mom if your thinking to buy a puppy the pound has better dogs that are not taken away from their mother

How many dogs get adopted a year?

300,000 dogs get adopted

Does Justin Bieber like yorkie pomeranian dogs?

yes.justin likes all dogs

How does a pomeranian rank in smartness with other dogs?

out of all dogs they are probebly average intelligence.

Were there any dogs on the rms titanic?

Of nine dogs, two survived: a Pekinese and a Pomeranian.

What kind of dog is Fran dresher's dog?

She had a Pomeranian named Chester. After he died, she bought a dark brown Pomeranian named Esther.

Where do dogs get adopted?

Dogs get adopted at a pet store or at a dog pound.

Were did Pomeranian dogs originate?

In the Pomerania region of Western Europe.

On the nanny cc s dogs name was?

Chester the Pomeranian .

Do poodle pomeranian dogs make good pets?

Yes, they are adorable little dogs. The ones I have seen are bred from a toy poodle and a small Pomeranian dog. Both have wonderful dispositions.

Is the Pomeranian a good dog breed to own if you are allergic to dogs?

Yes, the Pomeranian is a good dog breed to own if you are allergic to dogs.

Can dogs take prevacid?

Dogs can take Prevacid. My vet prescribed it for my Pomeranian when he was having a bout of gastroenteritis

What is the average size of a pomeranian brain?

The average size of a Pomeranian brain is about the size of a tennis ball. These brains are slightly smaller in the younger dogs.

What do you get if you mix a Weimaraner with a Pomeranian?

Weimaranian * My pair of dogs! Caroline and Raleigh :)