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Where can a 11 year old get a job?


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ANSWER: A 11-year old could get a job. Not a job in a store or something like that, but you could work in a family owned business.

11yaer old get a paper rout job

.......(facepalm), an 11 year old can't get a job legally. You want a job? Try selling weed throughout high school.

Many 11-year-olds are not considered emotionally ready or responsible enough for a job.

no it would be illegal for any department store to hire an 11 year old

lemmonaid stand or chores

y would you want a job at dat age

no sorry you have to be 13 to get a job i am 11 a fat 11 year old:( and i want a job with excercise in to help me loose weight but no sorry you have to be 13

The best places for an 11 year old to find a job is within the family. Many times the child can mow lawns or babysit.

11 year olds are not allowed to work in any country.

No 11 years old can't do any online job. If you do by hiding your age it will be an violating international laws

An 11 year old cannot unless they find a relative who is capable of paying you "under the table"

Because of child labor laws no one will hire an 11 year old anywhere in the US

Must be 18 years old for online jobs

No 11 year can get a job that pays enough to buy what he or she wants

mow lawns or walk dogs

In china or at your moms house

yes but you have to be there on time or you will not get the job

No, an 11 year old cannot get an online job at all, and doing so by hiding your age would be in direct violation of national laws.

a job for an 11 year old girl would be to wash all the neighbors cars, pick up trash, mowing the front yard, and dog sit

If your 11, the only job you could possibly get paid for (after school) is babysitting. Legally, you cant get a job unless your 14.

no. im pretty sure you have to be at least 14.

sometimes you can get a job at a paper round

No most newsagents say you have to be 13.

A good job for an 11 year old would most likely be mowing a lawn or doing chores around the house, you could get allowance for doing chores. I don't get why you people really need a job at that age because really your parents or guardians are supposed to have jobs not a 11 year old. Well, whatever. Hope this helped.

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