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Where can a 12-year-old find a job?

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There isn't much around for an average 12 year old to do. But if you really wanted a job so badly you could offer to dog walk for the people close around or you could pet sit, maybe you could do jobs around the house (maybe clean and tidy your room).


There isn't much around for 12 year olds to do! Just jobs that don't really pay much at all! So you will have to wait until you are over the the age of 14 to be able to do a paper route, but apart from that, the jobs the pay a lot are only for people who are the age of 18 or over!


You may get a paper route once you are 9 years old. In some places, you must be 10, and you can get an actual paying job once you're 13. They dont trust younger people, so you have to be a teenager. It really just depends on where in the world you live.


There is no one answer for what a twelve year old may be able to do to earn money. Does anyone in your family, neighbors, or friends parents like to go to swap meets, flea markets, or yard sales? You should visit some with them to scope them out. Find out what people sell, what is the cost to set up. Can you produce something that you can sell? String beads, embroider dish towels, make wooden bird houses or other things. You might collect used clothing, launder it, make any repairs, iron if necessary, fold nicely for sale. Go to the sales to get ideas. Start your own mini business. But go with a responsible adult.

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