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well, you could be a tour guide and show people around on a tour on scooter to the great dark spot and the small dark spot!

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When cooking does it involve engineering?

Cooking doesn't necessarily involve engineering. It is more of a chemistry or science.

How is cooking sausage a chemical change?

Cooking involve chemical reactions.

What jobs can you get that involve cooking?

a chef.

Why is cooking an egg not a physical change?

Because cooking involve chemical reactions.

What specific tasks will a cook involve?


Why cooking of rice is a chemical change?

Because cooking involve also chemical reactions.

Is biscuits cooking a chemical reaction or a physical reaction?

Cooking involve many chemical transformations.

What is the relation of cooking kamote fries to chemistry?

Cooking at high temperature involve chemical reactions.

How cooking is a chemical reaction?

Because cooking involve chemical reactions, chemical changes, chemical transformations.

Do cooking rice is a chemical change?

Yes, it a chemical change because cooking involve chemical reactions.

You are a cooking method usually for meat you involve grilling?


Why is cooking a hamburger a chemical change?

Because cooking involve chemical reactions, chemical transformations of the initial materials.

Everyday activities with chemical processes involve in each?

cooking rice

What is the chemical process involved cooking?

activity that involve the principles of chemistry

What chemical change can happen in the home?

Cooking involve a chemical change.

Is there a chemical reaction in a cheesecake?

Cooking involve many chemical reactions.

What chemical changes are there when cooking pancakes?

All types of cooking involve chemical reactions. For pancakes thermal decomposition is possible.

How work do habits affect success in cooking?

Work habits affect success in cooking because cooking is a disciplinary art. Habits will help cooking if they involve good speed, consistency, and cleanliness.

What is cooking in liquid called?

Boiling and braising both involve cooking in liquids. parboil- to boil in liquid until partially cooked

Is baking a cake a chemicl change?

Yes, cooking involve chemical changes.

Can I play games online that involve food or cooking? is a website that has only cooking games. These games are very fun and informative. You can practice cooking and chopping!

Is cooking a steak a physical or chemical change?

Cooking involve many chemical processes but also some physical processes as evaporation or melting.

What does Diane mean in cooking terms?

Diane is the term used for a cooking method, which typically involve cooking over an open flame, usually in front of the diner, and served with a savory sauce.

How do chemical reactions occur around the home?

Cooking and burning involve chemical reactions.

What reversible and irreversible reactions can you find at home?

Cooking involve irreversible chemical reactions.