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A 14-year old may be able to get at job as a shelf stocker, casheir, clerk, or hendy helper at a local retail or department store. Also, jobs may be available at some local restaurants. Possibly even places like Target, Walmart,Wendy's, Mcdonalds, Burgerking, PetsMart and Sams Club. well im 14 years ld and im having a hard time finding a job for baby sitting

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Q: Where can a 14-year-old get a job other than babysitting?
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Can you work somewhere at 11?

my babysitting job is all other than that no

What should you do if your best friend steals your babysitting job?

i would make her find me another babysitting job that pays even more than the one she stole from you.

Will a babysitting job pay better than a regular savings account?

A full-time babysitting job would pay better than the yield on a savings account even if you had $100000 in the account.

What are good jobs for a tween or young teen I've tried babysitting but it hasn't really worked out so Any other jobs Thnx?

One job other than babysitting for tweens is dog walking or house cleaning.

What paid job can a 14 year old boy do other than babysitting and paper round?

Mowing lawns, work at McDonald

Jobs for 14 years old in baton rouge?

Try babysitting or mower lawns (its a start!) other than that i thnk you have to be 16 to get a job

A job you are 13 years old?

babysitting or other jobs around the neighborhood

Finding a weekend job at 15?

McDonald's hires at 15, but not many other places. Also you can make a lot more at babysitting or grass cutting than you can at a minimum wage job.

What is difference between babysitter and babysitting?

A babysitter is a person and babysitting is a job.

How do you unlock babysitting job on webkinz?

When you go to your job, and you see a babysitting job, mouse over the letter P and it will tell you how you can unlock that job. :) Glad I could help!!

What are the release dates for The Babysitting Job - 2014?

The Babysitting Job - 2014 was released on: USA: 10 January 2014

What is a website to get a babysitting job?

How old does one need to be to start working?

It depends on where you want to work. I am 12 and have been babysitting for more than a year, and my friend who is 14 has a job at a fastfood restaraunt. So you can be 14 and get a job almost anywhere, but you can make money babysitting when you are 11 or 12, and it helps to take a babysitting course.

How can someone under thirteen get a job?

There is always babysitting, mowing lawns for neighbors, etc. But other than that, no, not legally, unless your family owns the company you want to work for.

A job in babysitting?

to get a job in babysitting start with family first if they think you did good then ask them to tell their friends about you that's the best way

Is there any job for a 15 year old in accrington lancashire?

A job for a 15 year old in Accrington Lancashire is odd jobs such as babysitting. Another job is babysitting or cleaning.

What is a good job for an eleven year old girl?

babysitting job

Where can teen that are 16 get a job?

at 16 you can get a job at local restraunt or babysitting

Babysitting job at the age of 14?


How do you get a babysitting job at the age of ten?

you cant

What job did Taylor Swift have when she was young?


How much money will we make for a babysitting job?

You can make good money if you take a job babysitting and you do the job well. How much money you make would depend on how long you babysit for, and who you babysit for.

Where can a 12-year-old find a job other than cutting grass?

If you are looking for more responsibility then taking care of a lawn, then how about taking care of kids (babysitting).

The setting of babysitting is a dangerous job the book?


Where can a 13 y get a job?

they can do babysitting and dog walking