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you have to make your own work. learn to hang wallpaper, or paint, and do a room for free to prove yourself. That's what i did. you can put an ad in the newsagent with your skills on it. play down your age,and focus on getting testimonials from people who know you to be a good kid. you could try distributing the kent messenger Friday paper, or offer to mow lawns, read up on how to do it properly. how about a cleaning job?. I valeted motorbikes outside my local pub one summer. you could try the nearest bike shop. What are you good at? is there an industrial estate near you ? do they need Sandwiches ? could you start a little sandwich round somewhere? have you got any space to store stuff? rag dealers pay £200 a ton for cloth. put a flyer through a few doors and ask for unwanted clothes. explain who you are and offer to give 10% to a local charity. go and collect your rags the next week with a trolley and sell em on. as long as you get a receipt from the rag man and the charity you cant go wrong.

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Q: Where can a 15-year-old in Leeds get a job?
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