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Where can a 16-year-old female find a part time job in Dallas Texas?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-17 15:04:39

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There are lots of part time jjobs. For instant, McDonalds,Wendys, Churchs Chicken and etl.There's alot of fast food restaraunts that can be part time.

2006-07-17 15:04:39
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You can find apartments for rent in Dallas Texas on You can also look at or check your local newspaper listings.

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In Dallas, they have them at Central Market.

What number do you call to find out if you can have a horse in your area in Dallas Texas?


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Airplane charters can be found in Dallas Texas by going to the airport. There is an information desk there that deals with chartering airplanes by individuals.

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One can find a free visitor's guide to planning a Dallas, Texas vacation from Ask's Texas Travel Guide. One can also find a free visitor's guide from Travel Tex and Trip Advisor.

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Any high end salon will do tinsel in Dallas. Just call and ask!

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You can get them at the arena. Go to the Dallas Maverick's arena. There you will be able to get whatever tickets are currently available.

Where is the ESOL test offered in Texas?

You can take your ESOL tests in Dallas Texas at Richland College. If Dallas is too far; you can find more testing locations by going to

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One can find work as a CFO in Dallas, Texas using the services of websites like Indeed and Monster. Some of the companies that have job openings for CFO in Dallas are Nixon Consulting, Pegasus Solutions, Alsbridge and City of Glenn Heights.

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One can find luxury hotels in Texas when one goes to the websites of Expedia, Trip Advisor, Booking Buddy, etc. Examples of luxury hotels in Texas include Hyatt Regency Dallas, Omni Dallas Hotel, etc.

How do you find a code city for a detention center in Texas?

code city for lew sterrett justice center in dallas texas

Where can you find wooden storage sheds near Dallas TX?

there is a place near Dallas Texas called Winslow's Inc. where you can have wooden sheds delivered and installed.They are located in Wills Point, Texas

Where can one get a car repair loan in Dallas Texas?

There are many locations where one can get a car repair loan in Dallas, Texas. In order to find these locations, one would have to refer to their local newspapers.

Were can i find a cheap apt for rent in Dallas, Texas?

You can check out There’s also and

Where can one find details on real estate in Dallas?

If you are not in the Dallas, Texas area, the best place to find info on Dallas real estate would be online. Trulia and the Realtor websites have a lot, if not all, of the information you may need.

Where did Dallas police find Lee Harvey Oswald after he shot JFK?

The Texas Theater on West Jefferson Boulevard in the Dallas neighborhood of Oak Cliff.

Where can I find a patent attorney in Dallas?

Passman & Jones is an established attorney specializing in patent lawsuits. They are located in Dallas, Texas and have over 25,000 clients.