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As with anything in this world, it's a matter of "supply and demand". If you have a skill that is not common and a potential employer wants to pay for that skill, you will be paid for what the employer considers the skill to be worth. If you can only do what everyone else can do then you will be paid what everyone else would be paid. The question becomes, why would an employer want to pay YOU more than he pays someone else? If you are wanting $15.00 per hour but the employer can get others to do the same job for $6.50 per hour, why would he consider giving the job to you? A minute after you walk out the door after asking $15.00/hr, someone else will come in who is willing to accept $6.50 and he knows it. That is where the advantage of an education comes in. If you are an educated engineer and other equally qualified engineers will demand $30.00/hr, the employer will be forced to pay at least $30.00/hr to fill that position and he knows it. That's why it's called "supply and demand".

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Q: Where can a 16 year old girl get a good paying job only on weekends?
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