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Harley Davidson motorcycle covers can be purchased on eBay, Amazon, Just Motorcycle Covers, and Cars Cover. Also Harley Davidson sells many covers for their motorcycles.

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A Harley Davidson cover, or a motorcycle cover in general, can be purchased from a motorcycle store. Covers that are made by the Harley Davidson company can be purchased or ordered from any official Harley Davidson dealership.

One can purchase a Harley Davidson hitch cover at any Harley Davidson accessories store. Or one can look on eBay or Amazon as they sell motorcycle accessories as well.

One can find a Harley Davidson on the cover of many motorcycle magazines. This would include magazines such as Cycle World, Easy Riders, Rider Magazine, Engine Cycle and Biker Magazine.

On the leftside inside what is known as the primary cover. Access can be gained via the Derby cover.

Harley-Davidson offers bike insurance. Also, Progressive and Geico cover motorcycles and cars in addition.

What is a primary mount? You have an inner primary, outer primary, inspection cover, and derby cover.

It is behind the mud cover in front of the rear wheel

The valve cover gasket on a Harley 883 motorcycle is changed by unbolting the valve cover and lifting it from the engine. The gasket can then be removed, the surface cleaned, and a new gasket put in place.

with the bike upright, through the derby cover on the primary

is the stator ,under small round cover on egine.

Harley Davidson "Derby Cover"A "Derby Cover" is basically a dust cover. It's on the left side of your bike and covers the business end of your clutch. It's the larger cover with (usually) 4-6 screws holding it in place. However my '85 Sportster has no screws in the "Derby Cover". Instead there's a two inch (2") screw-cap in the center of my "Derby Cover" with a large closed slot in the center. That's it! there are no other screws holding it in place.

Under the right side cover in front of the saddle bag.

underneath the ignition module cover, horn side of the bike.

I would suggest hard chrome on the oil pan and belt cover. You can chrome most non moving engine parts on a Harley Davidson.

The fuses should be under the Left side cover. Remove the left saddlebag and pull the side cover off. They will be under there.

Under the seat, beneath the left side cover on the inside of the plate, (the module is on outside).

simply put, buy a repair manual; you are going to need it. Be prepared to remove the primary cover.

It's behind the cover on the left under where you sit.The cover (black) snaps in place.Pull gently on the top of the cover and it will unsnap to access the battery.

If the bike is on the jiffy stand you sure will. Best to have the bike on a lift or jack to "level" things out.

Yes. There is a tool for leaning the bike the opposite direction from the kickstand and if you do that, you may not spill.

The primary oil goes in the clutch cover (derby) opening, or if you wish you can remove the oval-shaped chain inspection cover and pour it in there. Use one quart.

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