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There is a great website on the internet that compares life insurance companies in Florida. It is called The Life Insurance Gurus. On this website you will find the best rated insurance agencies by only selecting your state.

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Q: Where can a person go to find a comparison of life insurance companies in Florida?
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Many companies offer auto insurance comparison tools, that can get multiple quotes from different companies and present them side-by-side for comparison. Some of these providers include MSN Money, Progressive and Car Insurance Comparison.

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Prospective insurance purchasers can go to many quality sites to get legitimate reviews on home insurance companies. The best sites are Top Ten Reviews and Find The Best.

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What Florida car insurance companies work with people who have low credit?

State Farm and Progressive are two insurance companies that will ensure drivers that have a low credit score. A lot of the time, these companies won't even look at a credit score if the person has paid car insurance diligently in the past.

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