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At the Google Web site, click Images at the top menu, and search on "random access memory".

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What RAM stand for in computers?

Random Access Memory

What does RAM stand for on computers?

Random access memory.

The memory which is the computers primary workspace is called?

RAM (Random Access Memory)

What does VRAM stand for in computers?

Video Random Access Memory

What kind of memory is there on computers?

Read Only Memory (ROM) and Random Access Memory (RAM)

Why do we need computer RAM?

Most modern computers use Random Access Memory for their main memory. However you don't need Random Access Memory, Sequential Access Memory is perfectly adequate and has been used in many computers in the past for main memory (it just happens to be much slower to access than Random Access Memory as you need to wait for the location to come around again).

How does random access memory operates?

how does random access memory opperates

What does read access memory do?

I presume you mean Random Access Memory (RAM)? This is used for short term storage of program and data on computers. It's known as random access memory because the computer can access any part of the RAM (as opposed to sequential access memory which can only be accessed sequentially).

What types of memory do notebook computers use?

Hard drive, ROM (read-only memory) and RAM (random access memory)

What are the different computer memory types?

There are seven basic types of computer memory. These seven types would be Random Access Memory, Serial Access Memory, Dynamic Random Access Memory, Video Random Access Memory, Flash Memory, Shadow Random Access Memory, and Read Only Memory.

What is MRAM Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory made of?

Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory

What is the expanded form of RAM?

Random Access Memory.

What does the acronym RAM stand for?

Random Access Memory, the temporary or "working" memory of a computer.(see the related question below)RAM stands for Random Access Memory.random access memory

Does RAM stands for Random Access?

Random Access Memory

What is dynamic random access memory?

DRAM or dynamic random access memory is a type of RAM that stores data in separate capacitors, which is a more efficient way compared to static RAM. It is the most common type of memory found in personal computers.

Why computers need rams?

RAM (or random access memory) is basically what makes a computer go faster

What is random access memory slot?

well its a slot where the ram card would go in your computer. ram is the computers "short term memory"

What does RAM stand for in computers?

RANDOM ACCESS MEMORYData is loaded into RAM from long-term storage (ie- the hard-disk drive) for execution/processing by the CPU. Having too little RAM can lead to performance problems as data is paged back to the hard drive in order to make space for data that is being loaded into RAM.Random access memory.Random Access Memory - RAMRAM stands for Random Access Memory.

What is the key task of a memory system?

The key task of a memory system is to memorize data in such a way as to have it readily available to the user. This is why computers have RAM (Random Access Memory).

Does RAM mean?

RAM means Random Access Memory, it is the computers temporary memory that it uses to store temporary variables and whatnot in order to function

What is the random operating memory?

There is no such thing. random access memory maybe? RAM ROM = Read Only Memory, not Random Operating Memory.

Why the name is given as random access memory?

This is done as because you can access the memory at any random point i-e randomly.

Ram full form?

RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. Random Access Memory is the most commonly known type of computer memory.

What has the author G A Alphonse written?

G. A. Alphonse has written: 'Parallel optical random access memory - PORAM -' -- subject- s -: Acousto-optics, Emitters, Magneto-optics, Random access memory, Optical memory - Data storage -, Parallel processing - Computers -, Electron precipitation

What is the full form of dram?

DRAM is dynamic RAM or, if you prefer, dynamic random-access memory.