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Where can a resident alien get a passport?


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I just received my passport today! I was born in Mexico. I'm a Permanent Resident of US. This morning I went to a Mexican Consulate in San Francisco because I live in the Bay Area of CA. I just brought a copy of CA ID, Social Security Card, and Green Card (all just a copy) and i payed $74.00 and they gave me my passport in like less than 3 hours. It's mostly just waiting. Oh yeah and I brought my original CA Driver's License.

Hope this helps. Wish somebody would've wrote up for me.


Oh yeah, be sure to Google a nearby consulate and what country to find the nearest one near you. I hate the idiot that just wrote a simple answer before this one.


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how can a alien resident update his passport? how can a alien resident update his passport?

Alien? If he or she is Alien then no. But if he/she human then yes need passport.

What is a resident alien? The term 'resident alien' means an individual whose residence is within the Philippines and who is not a citizen thereof.

only US citizens can hold a US passport. the resident alien must first apply and complete the citizenship process

wtf what are you smoking aliens are not real. U r a RETART if you asked this ~! haha

Not from the USA, you must be a citizen in order to obtain a US passport. You can travel with your country of origen's passport and the green card as long as the passport is not expired Are there any exceptions to this rule, that is one must be a US Citizen in order to obtain a US passport?

Maybe use it in "The Alien Resident entered the village.". It means a new, and not native, Resident.

It depends. If Your talking about a Mexican from across then yes. i fyour talking about invaders ready to kill us, then nah.

Can a legal alien live in USA without a passport.

you do not need to carry a passport as a permanent resident alien when traveling in the us, IF you have a state id, or drivers license. i have done it before, and never been asked about my passport. even when i gave up my green card, i still had a valid drivers license , which i used to at the airport.

1. A resident Alien 2. Non- resident Alien 3. enemy Alien 4. Refugees 5. illegal Alien

Generally, there is no citizenship requirement for marriage in the United States. The illegal alien must present identification that is satisfactory to the clerk issuing the marriage license, but that can be a foreign passport.

This could be alien or non-resident.

A permanent alien can stay in a country, but not have resident status and certain privleges.

i bet it is a resident card for forenigners

An alien is not illegal as long as she/he has documentation of status. An alien who is documented to be a permanent resident is not illegal. If the alien does not have and never has had documentation of an immigration status, then that person is an illegal alien.

can a greencard holder get a united states passport

A government issued photo ID, such as a drivers license, passport or a resident alien card, is the accepted identification to pass through security at airports.

In Las Vegas, it has to be a government issued ID. Example: Drivers License, State ID, Resident Alien Card, Passport, Military ID

Resident aliens have the same rights as an American citizen.

A non-permanent resident alien is an individual that holds employment in the United States. They are not a citizen and they do not have a green card.

where do naturalized US citizens with a US passport find their alien registration number? Answer #2 if you are a naturalized US citizen with a passport you no longer have the alien registration number as you are a naturalized Citizen.

No she is not an alien she is a human being just like you! If you mean alien as in non resident-also no.

A permanant resident I believe is somebody here with a green card a legal alien is somebody here on a visa!

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