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== == * Dog walking and dog/pet "sitting" You could give pets baths for payment. * - Several volunteer opportunities are available at humane society * many pet shops pay money for live mice, hamsters and gerbils. They breed quickly, so it is a way to make some $. Unfortunately, many are used as feeders. * Farmers will often hire young workers for cash * You could take pictures of animals and submit to magazines. * - learn about environmental service-learning projects in your community

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How can you find a job working with animals?

you can find a job working with animals if you are a vetrinarian.when im older i want to be a vetrinarian!

Where can one find information on jobs for teenagers?

You should look in the internet for a teenager job or you can find a teenager job in your newspaper of your town. Also you can ask a friend who has a job.

Where can a teenager get a job that involves answering the phone and working with a computer?

A telemarketer.

Where can a 15 years old teenager get a working premint?

well i would find a really good job look on . Google and the others websits

Where can a fifteen year old in Houston find a job?


What job is high in pay and has to do with animals?

One of the highest paid and most common job working with animals is to become a vet.

Where can a teenager find a job online?

Try This website ------you might like it

Where can a 16 year old kid find a job in Louisiana?

There are a number of places a 16 year old can find a job in Louisiana. This teenager can find a job at a fast food restaurant for example.

What is the best part in the job of being a zoologist?

helping animals, working with others, and observing animals

Where can a teenager in Pennsylvania find a job?

Typically, fast food resturants or clothing stores.

Why you are interested in IT job in 300 words?

Explain how you love working with animals.

Is vet tech a good job to have?

If you like working with animals, then yes.

Where can a teenager with an interest in animals find a job in Louisiana?

hi my name is mindy. i am from chalmette Louisiana. i love animals and i asked the same question. i volunteered for the Louisiana spca. from there i got a job at a local vet. i bathed the dogs and walked them then got paid for it! just go to the vet and ask them if they need help!

Where can a teenager in St. Louis Missouri find a job?

You can work at iggys with a worker permit.

Where can a teenager find a job in Dubai UAE?

In Dubai you can't work till you are 18 so a person under that age you woudnt be able to find a job anywhere.

What is your relevant experience?

Relevant experience is previous experience that is relevant for the job for which you are applying. For example if you were applying for a job working with animals a previous job working in a riding stables would be relevant while a previous job working as a bus driver would not be relevant.

What is the quickest job to get as a teenager?

I think maybe a paper route, Its a good bit of money and when you walk house to house your kinda working out! ;)

Where can a 15 year old get a job working with animals in Peoria Illinois?

At the Zoo

What is the job description of a Marine Vet?

working with animals that are from a type of body of water.

When can you start working as a teenager?

in the USA, the legal age to start working is 14, but you have limited hours. 16 is the recommended age to start working.

Where can a teenager in Oxnard California get a job?

you can find one in your neighborhood.EX.mowing lawn,babysitting,raking leaves,ect.

Where can a 14 year old teenager find a job in Lawton Oklahoma?

try doing a paper route

Where can you find a job quick?

I your a teenager then hairdressers, B and B paperound or if an adult, just go to Jobcentre.

Where does one go to find a job working on a help desk?

Make sure to check your local classified ads when trying to find a job working on a help desk. Visit your local job center and watch for job fairs in your area.

Where can a 17-year old find a good paying job in Valley Stream NY?

A good paying position for a teenager would be working at a large supermarket chain , childcare , or life guard during the summer.