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Q: Where can a ten year girl find a job at a animal shelter?
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Can an 11 year old girl work at an animal shelter?

yes young people can work at the animal shelter

Where in Pittsburgh PA can a 9 year old girl volunteer at an animal shelter?

Call the shelter and ask, but I think 9 is a bit young.

Can a 13 year old girl volunteer at an animal shelter?

yes if you know how to treat a animals and if you can emagen what that animal is going through

Can a 10 year old girl work at Kays animal shelter?

If u work hard enough then yes

How many dogs are put into an animal shelter each year?

6 to 8 million cats and dogs are put into a animal shelter each year

Where can you find a animal shelter that allows 12 year olds to volunteer?

everywhere i started when i was 10 at friends for animals

Can a 9 year old volunteer in an animal shelter?

Depends on the animal shelter, but probably if your parents sign a whole bunch of papers.

Can a 9 year old volunteer at animal shelters?

In may places you can only be a volunteer at an animal shelter if you are over the age of 18, but sometimes they let you if you're over 13. Look on an animal shelter's website and find out, or call and ask.

In Fontana do they have an animal shelter where a thirteen year old can volunteer?

Contact an animal shelter near you to ask about volunteer openings. The volunteer's age is important when considering the type of shelter to contact.

Where can a 14 year old find volunteer work in san antonio with animals?

Local animal shelter or church food pantry.

Can a 9 year old volunteer at an animal shelter?

ofcourse the kid can.

How many animals die in a animal shelter?

About 1 million a year

Can a 12 year old volunteer at the Norco animal shelter?

they cant

Can 11 year olds volunteer at Yonkers Animal Shelter?


Where can 12 year olds volunteer with animals in NC Charlotte?

A 12 year old can probably volunteer at a local animal shelter in Charlotte, NC. You can call the animal shelter and ask when you can volunteer.

Can an 8 year old volunteer in an animal shelter?

At the human society in Pleasanton, CA, kids have to be 16. At the Animal Shelter in Dublin, CA, kids have to be 10.

Where do raccoons find shelter throughout the year?

Raccoons are opportunistic and will use whatever they find for shelter including abandoned animal burrows, hollow trees, rock crevices, culverts, storm sewers, abandoned buildings, attics, etc.

What animal shelter lets 12 year olds volunteer in Toronto?


Where can a sixteen year old girl get a job - not volunteering - at an animal shelter in Colorado?

if you have experience and if you are studying for that type of career but it usually depends on the owner-ask them but be very nice

Can 11 year olds vollenteer at animal shelters?

no you have to be18 years or older in order to vollenteer at a animal shelter

What kind of job can a 11 year old do that involves animals?

volenteer at an animal shelter

Where can 11 year olds volunteer at animal shelters?

it all depends on the shelter or rescue

Where can a 13 year old volunteer with animals in Oregon?

Try your local animal shelter.

Can 11 year old kids in Oregon volunteer at animal shelters?

Yes, just call the shelter and see if they have a volunteer program and see how old you have to be. I have seen quite a few animal shelter accept 11 year olds.

Can an eleven year old volunteer at an animal shelter?

Yes they can, but not like the Humane Society. Find a different kind of animal shelter, and search online, for animal shelters. But, yes, an eleven year old can volunteer at an animal shelter. You will find one eventually. Maybe. Most places have specific rules about working with animals, often considered a hazardous job. While some may allow you to work cleaning empty cages and such, they may not allow you to have contact with the animals. You'll have to check the local laws and the rules for the places you hope to work.