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Where can an 11-year-old girl earn 70 dollars a month?


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November 11, 2008 6:23PM

What you can do:

* Walk dogs * Dog/Cat sit

* Lemonade stand * Bake Sale

---- Walk Dogs

If you are an animal lover, you could walk dogs. When you walk dogs, people would pay you money because some people can be very lazy and not want to walk their dogs. And some people are just very busy and they don't have time to walk their dogs. If you have a dog of your own and your parents walk your dog, you can tell them you would walk your dog for money.

Reasonable Prices:

Big Dogs (German Shepard, Great Dane, St. Bernard...etc.) $10-20 a week

Medium Dogs (Beagle, Shih tzu, Bichon Frise...etc.) $10-15 a week

Small Dogs (Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Maltese...etc. $5-10 a week

If you want to earn 70 Dollars a month, you probably would want to go with a big dog.

---- Dog/Cat Sit

If you are an animal lover you can dog or cat sit. If the dog is a trouble maker some owners would pay you a little more than other owners. Sometimes people are on vacation and they need to leave their dog or cat at home for a week or two. You can dog or cat sit for money. You can play with the dog or cat, feed the dog or cat...etc. (If it's a dog, you probably would want to walk him or her.

Reasonable Prices:

Cats: $10-20 a week

Dogs: $15-25 a week

---- Lemonade Stand

You can do a lemonade stand in the summer. When you start, you can put a "Tips" jar at the front.

Reasonable Prices:

Lemonade: 25 cents

---- Bake Sale

You can probably do this all year round except for winter. You can bake cookies, brownies, cakes...etc. You should make some cookies, brownies, cakes...etc. with no peanuts (Some cookies, brownies, cakes and other foods you can bake sometimes include peanuts or nuts and some people are allergic.)

Reasonable Prices:

Cookies: 50 cents

Brownies: 50 cents

Cake slice: 75 cents ----