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Google your city (or nearest metropolitan area) and state for crossdresser nightclubs.

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Where can a cross dresser find other cross dressers that like to do cam 2 cam play.not for money. just enjoyment?

* WikiAnswers does not advertise or promote pornography, clubs for cross dressing or any other type of advertising for sexual enjoyment.

Do girls like cross dressers?

Cross dressers have a tendency to be submissive, they are rarely gay, and make great husbands. They are also good providers, and are more sensitive to other peoples needs. When a woman discovers her husband to be a crossdresser, it is an golden opportunity to capitalize on the situation. He will help with the housework, he will stop going to the pub, he will surrender to your will, and his cash, to your administration. Smart, and wise women will see that it is better that wining x lotto. Play the game ladies, lots to loose, but a lot more to gain. I had a son who was a cross dresser. was not excepted by his wife. He shot himself, and died.

What are the benefits of cross gender dressing?

Well that totally depends on who you are. But if you're a girl and you wear boys' clothing (or vice versa) that probably means you feel comfortable in it and that's a benefit for sure. Now another benefit could be that people can see you're open-minded and also sometimes the oposite sex is more attracted to cross-dressers. I'm kinda into cross-dressing and I'm attracted to cross-dressers of the oposite sex, as well as many other girls who don't necesary have to be cross-dressers themselfs (I think you get the idea). Hope that helps ^_^

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Would a tranny be more apt to having a female baby and how are a their chromosomes matched are they xx xy xxy xxx xyy?

no, tranny is another word for transvestite (or cross-dressers). these are men or women who dress in the other gender's clothes and live like a member of the opposite sex. they don't have wierd chromosome combonations.

Why do people think that cross dressers are gay you have been cross dressing for years and you only like being with girls yourself you feel better abouy yourself when you are wearing girls cloths?

Who has been cross dressing for years? Only people that are messed up in the head cross dress. I certainly have never wore girl's clothes, nore do I intend too. And if you now any guy that feels better about themselves wearing girls clothes tell them they are guy and messed up.New Answer: Dude, there is nothin wrong with cross dressing. Its just how some people are, and there is nothing wrong with being who you are, if that is who you really think you are. Do not regard the answer that was before mine!im a 16 year old cross dresser i told my parents last year after a while my parents understood it i even told my best friend who is enfact the same as me and we now have sleep overs and use his sisters make up and get her to do our makeup and only once we all kissed each other while playing spin borttle and his dad found out but he though that we were just messing about until i kissed my mates sister in front of his dad so i am still straight and my girlfriend really likes me being a girl as she does my make up and styleWe need to remember that some people are just born to be transgendered and cross dress.Just like some people are born to be straight and some are born to be gay or lesbian , some are born to be a cross dresser transgendered.

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What to do if your son wears girls clothes?

AnswerLOVE HIM ANYWAY. You don't have to "do" anything. He's not hurting anyone by dressing up and if you even ask him about it you could damage his psyche. Just leave it alone and he will either grow out of it or not. Either way, you are his parent and need to show him the love and support that every child deserves.If your son likes to wear girls clothes then let him do so as it is his decision and there choice of style, just encorage them even if that means getting them a wardrobe of their own and if you are the only person who knows don't tell other people until your son is ready to tellLet him know that he may not have a lot of straight friends. Cross dressing intimidates other boys and usually disgusts grown up women. Even if he is in the majority (most cross dressers do it to please a woman in their life) most heterosexual woman won't be in to it and most think that you're somehow not 100% man. The best he could hope for would be a homosexual coupling with an other cross dresser.

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