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Where can bolt parts be found for a Western Field Model 36B single shot rifle?


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A Western field model 36B was made by mossberg.The mossberg firm actually made 2 models that was designated western field model 36B.One was the mossberg model 25A,and the other was the mossberg model 10.These are the models that you would at for parts to your westernfield model 36B.I would start my search at Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.


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Your western field model 04M-489B was made by Mossberg.The Mossberg model 50 is the same firearm.These parts should be found at Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.

Your rifle was made by Mossberg for the Montgomery Wards company(Western Field).It could be a model 44,or model 40.or even the model 26C.I would look to Numrich gun parts corp.for parts.They may be found on the web.

Should be a version of the Marlin 336. Wards sold the Marlin under the Western Field brand name through the 1960's until they switched to Mossberg in 1971.I've found that the Western Field Model 33A was made by Noble.

You should be able to.Your western field model 50 was made for montgomery wards by glenfield/marlin.The model 60 glenfield is the same firearm,and Numrich gun parts corp.should be able to help you.They may be found on the web.

Can be found on the left side of the weapon just above trigger housing.

I would start my search at Numrich Gun Parts Corp.They may be found on the web.

I would start my search at Numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.The westernfield model 808m was made by stevens firearm company.The stevens model 87 is the same gun as your western field 808m.

Vintage gun parts such as the needed magazine for a Model 46A Western Field 22LR can be found at major gun shows or through online specialty companies such as APEX and Numrich.

I would go to Numrich gun parts corp.they may be found on the web.The Mossberg model 395K is the same firearm as yours,having been made for Montgomery Wards(Western field) by Mossberg&sons firearms company.

AnswerDidn't find a M53 Found a Wards 52 which was a Savage 315 and Models 534 536 and 539 all Mossberg designsI found that the Wards Western Field #53 is a Stevens Model 530. Made from 1936-1954. Source- Modern Gun Values, 13th ed. page 612, 4th from bottom left side of the page.Lee 12/7/2009

I am looking for the part that goes over the front of the barrel and stock the you connect the sling to can anyone help me?Your Western Field model 855,was made by Mossberg.The Mossberg model 353 and your firearm are one and the same.All parts will inter change.If you wish to email me directly,I could provide a few direct searches for you.

I also have one of these and I need a clip for it have you found out any info about it?

I found a 170 which is a Mossberg model 395K made from '63 to '83. 3 round box mag bolt action Value of the Mossberg 170 is from $50 to $125 The Western field would also be in that range

The Western Field Model 59 .22 semi-automatic was manufactured by Savage Arms and is a member of the Savage Model 6A, 6AB and 6B family that also includes several Stevens and Springfield rifles. A schematic of the Savage 6A for comparison can be found in the Numrich Gun Parts catalog but, as far as I can tell, is not available on the e-gunparts web site.

according to the cross reference sheet I found it is the same as the westernfield 04-m 390a model

I found a good board regarding Wards Western Field Shotgun and I am sure if you post on there you'll get the info you want. Please go to: www.gunparts.com Good luck Marcy Store brand shotguns bring less than those with a maker's name on them, even if they are really identical. Pump shotguns in useable condition should bring between $75 and $150. The manufacturer's model of many store brand models can be identified but I can't find a cross reference for the Wards Model 35. The Model 35 Wards Western Field shotgun was built by Stevens and is their model 520A.

Western Field was a trade name used by Montgomery Ward for sporting goods made by many different companies. A quick look at the cross-over list shows guns by Mossberg, Noble, Stevens, Savage, Kessler, Marlin, Savage, and Colt. The Western Field Model 59 is a member of the Savage Model 6A, 6AB and 6B family that also includes several Stevens and Springfield models. A schematic can be found in the Numrich Gun Part catalog but not, for some reason, at their on-line site.

I have one of the Western Field 38 and after some searching on the internet I found a sight with OLD mossberg catalogs on it. http://home.epix.net/~damguy/catalog.htm it looks like mine is a Mossberg Model 35 with No.3 Peep Sight and and the mulit post ramp sight. I think the No.3 peep was a lower cost option than the micro-click. Mossberg did in fact make that rifle for Montgomery Wards.

Savage Arms made the Western Field model SD59A. Essentially the same rifle as the Savage model 6, 6a, etc. They were a semiautomatic .22lr rifle that was also made under the Stevens brand name as the model 87a, 87d, etc. They are fine rifles that fire from the open bolt position. Kind of hard to work on though, so some gunsmiths don't like them. They have a single shot feature which could feasibly help with accuracy in some situations. Stick with .22lr and not longs or shorts to effectively cycle the action. Made from about 1938 until the 1960's I think. I have found mine to be as accurate as newer model name brand rifles.

The gun was made for western auto by either stephens, or savage. I also own a Revalations 350H in a 16ga. My info is based on what i have found on the net, and are not absolute 100% historical fact, only what I have found. i hope this is helpful. probably a stephens model 94 sorry for my poor spelling.. I meant stevens....... not stephens, eithther way, still a model 94

Your wards/westernfield .22LR should read model 14M 488A.These rifles were made for montgomery wards by Mossberg.There Model number is Mossberg Model 50.You should be able to find some parts for your rifle at numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

the best i have found in my research is that they were made from 1915 to 1930 by many differerant makers for Montgomery ward catalog sales. sorry to be so vague, will update when i can

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