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Where can buy a paint roller with design?

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most home improvement stores or paint stores have them (you might have to special order them)

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Can you paint knock down?

Yes, Make sure you buy a thick knapped paint roller. Or have it sprayed

Who invented the paint roller?

Norman Breaky invented the paint roller

Paint roller a has a length of 11In and a diameter of 2In Paint roller b has a length of 7 In and a diametere of 3 I n which roller can spread more paint on a wall in one revolution?

paint roller B can spread more paint.

Paint Roller?

form_title= Paint Roller form_header= Buy paint rollers to finish your DIY projects. How many paint rollers do you need?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} What size paint rollers do you need?*= [Small, Medium, Large] What type of paint will you be using?*= _ [50]

What are some alternatives to the paint roller?

a paint brush

How can you paint over light blue paint?

With a Roller

What paint roller for pool paint?

a big one...

Which type of roller is best for gloss paint?

Use a foam 100mm roller to apply paint. The go over with a good quality paint brush. the idea is to apply the paint evenly .

Which is best to paint a house roller or paint brush?

Use a roller for most of the walls and a sash brush for edging and filling.

Where was the paint roller invented?


When was paint roller invented?


What is a paint roller used for?

for painting

What is the Six flags roller coaster design contest prize?

The six flags roller coaster design contest is a contest where you have to design your own roller coaster, and then send it into one of the six flags amusement parks

What do you study if you want to design roller coasters?

Engineering and architecture. You need to be able to understand a lot about roller coasters and how to design and build them.

When was the paint roller invented?


Where can you buy spray paint stencils?

You can buy spray paint stencils and a number of other stencil designs at Stencils Online. Also, you can customize your spray paint stencils into any design or logo you want. See link below for details.

Can I paint over wood paneling?

Yes but flat colors best and you will still see seams in design-if it has. It also absorbs paint but some buy just to paint over to get the effect

What is the thing called that you put your paint in?

A pot. It can also be a roller tray if you are using a paint roller, or even a spray gun depending on the type of painting you are doing.

What kind of simple machine is a paint brush?

A paint brush is a wedge and a wheel and axle is the roller paint brush.

Can you paint a metal gararge door with a roller?

You can paint a garage door with a roller if the door is perfectly flat, or if your roller can get into any corrugation or around any molding that is incorporated into the door. Usually a smaller cigar type roller will do the job. If you apply the paint to the door while it is cool and out of the sun, you should have no problem getting a fairly smooth finish.

How do you paint slanted attic walls?

With a roller or brush.

How do you apply oil paint?

You can do it with a roller, brush or spray.

What is the best paint for a pool enclosure?

Use a Exterior Latex Satin paint......You can spray on or use a zip roller low nap! You will need a brush to cut in where roller cant get.

What year did Norman Breakey invented paint roller?


What type of simple machine is a paint roller?

wheel and axle

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