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Because of the wide range of their orbital periods, comets can be found in a number of places in the Solar System.

Short period comets usually depart from the area of Kuiper Belt.

Long period comets usually depart from the Oort Cloud on the boundaries of the Solar System.

The comets themselves can be found anywhere along their orbits. The orbits are different for each of the comets. The exact position of a given comet depends on its orbit and time.

Some comets do not have stable orbits and are thrown out into interstellar space after making only one pass.

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Q: Where can comets be found?
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Where are comets found?

Comets are actually found near left over formed planets.

How were comets found?

Comets come from the Oort cloud and the Kupier Belt

What elements are found in comets?

comets contain iron and other metals.

Most comets are found before the sunrise or the sunset?

All comets are found before sunrise or sunset. As a general rule comets are not visible in day light so they would be found after sunset

Where are Comets usually found?

Comets are found in two main regions of the cosmos: the Kuiper belt and the Oort cloud.

What layer of the atmosphere are comets found?

comets are found in the meosphere. this layer is quite cold. it can reach temperatures of -125

What elements or compounds are found in comets?

Comets are made of a particle known as 'your mom'.

Which of these is not commonly found in a constellation?


Where do you find comets in the solar system?

comets can be found in the oort cloud to the south of Pluto

Are comets and asteroids both found in orbit around the sun?

Both comets and asteroids are found orbiting the Sun. The key difference between the orbits are asteroids are commonly found in clusters/belts, while Comets tend to be less commonly grouped.

Where are comets found in solar system?

In the solar system.

Where can carbon be found?

Carbon is found in abundance in the sun, stars, comets and atmospheres

Where are comets and asteroids most likely to be found?

they are most likely to be found in uranus

Where are comets meteors and asteroids found in the solar system?

Because asteroids are found in the asteroid belt and comets come off from the sun but i am not sure about meteorites sorry

What is a collective noun for comet?

There is no specific collective noun for 'comet', most likely because comets are rarely found in groups. However, it is possible to have a cluster or comets, a series of comets, or (as is theorized) a cloud of comets.

When was comets found?

They were found by Kolby Ellis,Ashlee Schnedar,and Lainee Hammond in 2010

Who made a list of comets in the 1700s?

Charles Messier made a list of comets emily ortega found this awnser for you zoe

Are the comets found mostly between venus and mercury?


Where is comets mostly found?

In the outer realms of the solar system.

Where are the comets found it?

The Houston Comets were a Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) team based in Houston, Texas, United States.

What is most found in an asteroid belt comets or asteroids?

Rocky asteroids. Icy comets often live in and come from the Kuiper Belt.

What are chunks of rocks and iron found in space called?

Asteroids. Or comets.

Where are comets found in the solar system?

It has been suggested that comets originate in the Oort cloud and then travel in long elliptical orbits around the Sun.

How do comets meteorites and asteroids differ?

Meteorite is found on the surface of the planet, Comets are also known as dirty snowballs, Asteroids are small rocky bodies.

What is the name for the outer part of the solar system where comets can be found?

Its the Oort Cloud.