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Where can coordinates be used?


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On atlases and graphs are the most common.


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coordinate grids are used for coordinates, coordinate grid is used for the coordinates so you know where you can place your coordinate on.

Integral coordinates are coordinates that are whole numbers. Integral coordinates cannot be fractional or have decimals. They are used, generally, for gross designations.

Anything to do with coordinates.

Maps, and Graph Paper.

The matrices for transformations, especially with perspective and translations, are much easier to express in homogeneous coordinates than rectangular coordinates.

The y-coordinates.The y-coordinates.The y-coordinates.The y-coordinates.

Coordinates on a map are used for navigation. Many ships and aircraft use coordinates to travel vast distances. Coordinates are also utilized by GPS (Global-Positioning Systems).

If cartesian coordinates are used then the second number in an ordered pair is the y coordinate, also known as the ordinate. If polar coordinates are used then the second number is the angle.

They are the celestial equivalent of longitude and latitude. If you are given the RSA and Dec of an object, you will be able dot find it on a chart. Or if you have a telescope that is computerised, you can input the coordinates and the telescope should go there automatically.

Any city or geographic location can be used as coordinates if you take the compass bearing of them. The reciprocal of those bearings could then be used to find your present location by a method called triangulation.

The team coordinates their action by the clock. What are the coordinates of that country?

a "circle graph" is also a polar graph, it's used to graph polar coordinates.

The x coordinates are horizontal whereas the y coordinates are vertical on the Cartesian plane.

a coordinate is two pairs of numbers used to determine points in a plane

It is a system of coordinates used to accurately describe the location of a place.

The coordinates of Australia are 2790s 133556E

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