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The PBS Kids website has a range of dinosaur games for children. Otherwise, one can visit toy retailers such as Toys 'R' Us and Walmart to find examples of dinosaur games.

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Q: Where can find dinosaurs games for children?
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Where can one find information on dinosaurs for kids?

To find information on dinosaurs for children, one should visit the BBC children's learning page. Alternatively, there are several dinosaur books, such as 'Dinosaur Roar!'

What can one do on the Find-Games website?

There are many things one can do on the Find-Games website. On the Find-Games website, one can do things such as locate different games for children and learn about games for children.

Why is most dinosaur stuff for kids?

There is a vast amount of information about dinosaurs that is not directed at children. Many websites use the interest shown by children for dinosaurs as a source of revenue by introducing games. There are a disproportionate number of these, they offer no information and are simply profit making ventures.

How can I find about more about free children's games online?

You can find more information about free children's game on the PBS kids website. On this website, there are games that children can play and there are also links to other children game sites.

Where can one find Yahoo games that are suitable for kids?

To find games suitable for children go to the Yahoo!Games home page and enter "kids" in the search box. A list of games appropriate for children will come up and children can just click on the one they want to play.

Where can you find dinosaurs DNA?

You can find them at a laborotory by examining of the DNA of different birds which are closely relative to dinosaurs.

What is the size of a dinosaurs?

There are many dinosaurs that have lived on Earth. To find out the sizes of most dinosaurs check on Wikipedia or what have you.

Is there a map of where dinosaurs lived?

Dinosaurs lived everywhere. You don't necessarily need a map to find out where dinosaurs lived.

Where can one find reading games for children?

Reading games for children can be found at ones local library. Also reading games can be found at toy stores, book stores, and children's themed stores.

Where are there free children games?

You can find excellent free games for children on a site called freerice. That's Not only will your child learn while playing games, but they will donate rice to poor children!

Where can I find fun science games for children?

Science games for children can be found online but toy stores such as ToysRUs terrific science toys and games. There are fossil games, dinosaur games and microscope activities.

Where can one find browser games for children?

Some of the places that one can find browser games for children are Nickelodeon's website as well as Cartoon Network's website. Other places include KidZui and Games 2 Kidz.

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