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Where can ghosts be found?

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Ghosts can be found in haunted houses

Ghosts can be found anywhere a person has experienced strong emotions or death. It doesn't always have to be a haunted house, it can be a library, a city park, a hospital, a hotel or other inn.

All that is required is the ghost have a connection of some sort to the place.

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Where are ghosts usually found?

Ghosts are usually found in dark places well you see them mostly in dark but they are there all the timeActually, ghosts can be found anywhere. They are usually prone to staying in the building that they died in. This could be any building on Earth. It doesn't necessarily have to be a dark place.

Where are ghosts found?

Ghosts can be found anywhere really but mainly they are found in really old buildings and houses. If u think your house is haunted and if its really old try taking a picture of a room in your house or a video and if your lucky enough they might appear in the picture or video u took. For proof that ghosts are real type in on youtube ghosts on stairs seriously its really creepy.

How do you get read of ghoust?

well you can not get read of ghosts the people that are ghosts must have died in a house and and did not get a gravestone or the body was never found

How do you get rid of the ghosts that you see?

If you believe that ghosts are real, some success in removing them has been found by hiring a priest to exorcise them. Otherwise, ghosts are not real; you should simply not smoking/snorting/injecting whatever you are.

What country has the most ghosts?

englind is the place were most ghosts are found on earth, in englind i think it is supposed that at least 125,212 people have been ither hunted or say that they have seen ghosts around their nabourhood.

What The ghosts actually exist or is it all a lie?

Popeye said that he used to be afraid of ghosts and spirits until he found out that there aren't any. Actually there are some.

What are the names of the ghosts in sims freeplay?

I have not yet found all of the ghosts but the ones I have found are: Pumpernickel Scaresalot, Mr. Flapsworth, Nanny Frightsmith, Chewy Chewfinger, Warts Cauldron, Gruesome Gretchen and Cousin Flapsworth.

The Angry Princess The Withered Lover and The Jackal are found in what movie?

13 Ghosts

What are scientific reason to believe in ghost?

There are no scientific reasons to believe in ghosts, no-one has ever found scientific evidence of ghosts which can only mean they are illusions of the mind.

When Hindu people die they are reborn right - then what are ghosts?

Ghosts are those who are 'stuck' in their current life and have not been able to move into their next life. ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE: Ghosts are the wandering souls that have not found another body to reincarnate into.

Is the ghost of Queen Elizabeth the first found?

Ghosts are not real, so I suppose the answer to your question is "No."

How do you get the sunray spell in mini ninjas?

the sunray spell is found in the cemetory where all the ghosts are

Where do you get the sunray spell in Mini Ninja?

the sunray spell is found in the cemetory where all the ghosts are

Where are you most likely to see a ghost?

Generally, people don't see ghosts. However, ghosts are allegedly found in places such as graveyards, sites of tragedies, and buildings where unexplained events occur.

When do ghosts move on?

When they have found what they are looking for, done the last thing they wanted to do, receive the help they needed..............

Do ghosts enter the body from behind?

There are no such things as ghosts.There are ghosts and ghosts don't enter you... poltergeists POSSESS you. O.o

My friend said she found a wesite where you can really converse with ghosts Is there such a website?

Ghosts are in our minds, not anywhere else. The only way text appears on a website is by someone typing it. Ghosts have no physical presence, so how could they possibly type on a keyboard? If she was on a website which said it offered conversing with ghosts, and she asked a question and received an answer, how would she determine if it was a person or a ghost who had answered.

How does the Spirit controls the physical?

The only "spirit" is usually found in a bottle, there is no other kind, and certainly no ghosts.

Are there ghosts in Purcellville Virginia?

There is no such thing as ghosts, so no, there are no ghosts in Purcellville, Virginia.

Are there ghosts everywhere?

Yes, there are such things as ghosts but are preferred to be called spirit. They are found everywhere mainly around England's castles, old houses, graveyards, and other places where a person died or there is something uncertain they have to do.

Are there ghosts in bhangarh?

NO Ghosts do not exist.

Are ghosts haunting?

Ghosts do not exist.

Do ghosts have a shadow?

NO. Ghosts do not have shadow.

Can the ghosts attack you?

No, ghosts are harmless.

Can ghosts breath?

Do ghosts exist?