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Q: Where can i download Virtual villagers 4 full free?
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Where can you download virtual villagers 5 full version for free?

at 4shared

Can you download virtual villagers full version free for mac?

Well no

How can you download virtual villagers 3 free full version?

You can dowload it at

Is it possible to download virtual villagers 2 for free with unlimited time? here is the free full version

Where can you download virtual villagers full variation for free for mac?

many people can get it from limewire or frostwire, but i have yet to get it to work from there...

Is there a game that is like virtual villagers but the full game is free?

Actually, you can get virtual villagers (all 5) for free at and it's legal, safe, and full version:)

Where Can you buy virtual villagers 4 on CD rom?

You can't. You have to download it onto your computer. I used and found all of the Virtual Villagers games on there ready for a free full game trial or purchase. I bought Virtual Villagers 4 there for around twenty US dollars. Good luck!

Can you play the full virtual villagers game free without download?

Sorry, but NO. You can either play the shorter online version, (less fun) or the really fun download version.

Where can download virtual villagers 3 full version free?

Sorry, but you can't, I've tried for ages to find it but no success. Best to just buy it.

Do you have to pay to be a member for Virtual Villagers?

No. Search "play virtual villagers (add a specific game if you'd like, but as far as I can tell the first virtual villagers and virtual villagers 2: the lost children, are the only ones you can play free, with limits) online for free". There are a few sites (shockwave is one) that will let you play a limited version for free, and you can buy the full version for $6.99, if I remember correctly. The full version gives you unlimited access to the entire game and better graphics. Actually, there isn't any such thing as being a "member" of Virtual Villagers, since it is just a game (created by Last Day of Work). But you do have to either pay for the full version or download it somewhere, but as far as I've seen you only get a demo if you download it.

Is there a website that has virtual villagers for free?

Many websites do have it for free, however the full version has to be bought. has it for free.

Where can you get a full game download of Virtual Villagers 3 from?

There is a site called it has tons of games including Virtual Villagers 3 for free with no time limits and you don't even have to pay or sign up for anything all you do is download the player (which will download on the first game you click) wait for it to finish downloading (about one minute) download the game you want wait for it to finish and play it for free with occasional (somtimes interactive) ads