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Check the local yellow pages for Gunsmiths. One of them might have a parts-gun lying around that will have what you need or will be able to make simple parts like a hammer or firing pin. HS&B guns were made by several manufacturers, many of which are no longer in business, so there are no replacement parts readily available.

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What is a 12 gauge shotgun worth made by Spencer gun?

It was made by Crescent Fire Arms Company @ 1900. Spencer was a trade name used by Hibbard and Spencer Bartlett on shotguns made for them by Crescent. Seldom exceed 100 USD

What is the age and value of a Whippet Model CC double barrel shotgun with silver triggers?

Made between the early 1920s and 1940s by Stevens for Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett and Co. $150-$250, depending on condition.

What is the history on a 12-guage double-barrel shotgun with the word Cruso and a picture of a rooster on the stock?

It would have been sold through Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Company of Chicago sometime between the 1890s and 1950s.

What is a Newport WN shotgun?

Newport was a brand name used by Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co, Chicago (1882-1962) on shotguns made by Crescent Arms Co, J. Stevens Arms, Crescent-Davis, and probably other manufacturers.

Where can you find information about a Spencer gun company single shot shotgun patented Aug 11 1896worth?

Spencer Gun Co was a trade name retailed by Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co Hardware of Chicago. Their guns were made by a varitey of manufacturers, but the patent date on yours identifies it as a product of WH Davenport Arms Co.

What is the age and value of a Victor single shot shotgun?

Victor Arms Company: Trade name used by the H. & D. Folsom Arms Company on firearms made for the Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett and Company of Chicago. c. 1900. Value would be about $50-$75.

Where and by what company was a 20 gauge Newport CN shotgun distributed by H D Folsom and sold by Hibbard Spencer Bartlett and Co Hardware of Chicago Illinois made?

Sometime between 1920 and 1948 by J. Stevens Arms Co, Chicopee Falls, Mass.

How do you find information on Hibbard Spencer Bartlett Co. that manufactured the Ruso 12 gauge double barrel shotgun? Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co. This leading hardware dealership was the descendant of a Chicago store called Tuttle, Hibbard & Co., which took that name in 1855 when William G. Hibbard became a partner. In 1865, Hibbard was joined by Franklin F. Spencer, and the enterprise was renamed Hibbard & Spencer. By 1867, the company's annual sales of hardware had reached $1 million. When longtime company employee A. C. Bartlett became a partner in 1882, the company's name became Hibbard, Spencer & Bartlett & Co. When Spencer died in 1890, the company was already among the leading wholesalers of hardware in the United States. In 1903, the year Hibbard died, the company opened a 10-story warehouse next to State Street Bridge in downtown Chicago. In 1932, the company introduced a new line of hand tools under the brand name "True Value." By 1948, Hibbard's annual sales reached nearly $30 million. Business slowed and profits were shrunk, however, as new hardware cooperatives began to bypass traditional wholesalers. In 1962, the company's owners, who wanted to move into the real-estate business, sold the hardware operations and the "True Value" brand to John Cotter for $2.5 million. See also True Value Hardware. This entry is part of the Encyclopedia's Dictionary of Leading Chicago Businesses (1820-2000) that was prepared by Mark R. Wilson, with additional contributions from Steven R. Porter and Janice L. Reiff.

Where can you find information about a Crescent Firearms Company double barrel 12 gauge shotgun stamped Cumberland Arms Company serial number 209433?

Retailed by either Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co of Chicago (1855-1960) or Gray & Dudley Hardware Co of Nashville (1880-1930).

What is known about a 12 gauge shotgun whose only marks are the whippet logo 'hsb and co' and 'model c'?

In my searching for the exact same information as you need I have found that Whippet was a trade name used by J. Stevens Arms Company on singel shot shotguns for the Hibbard, Spencer Bartlett Company fo Chicago, Il. Also a trade used by H. & O. Folsom Arms Co. on firearms made for the Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett Co. Hope that helps in your search. let me know if you find anymore info that could help me as well.

Who made a Newport single 12 gauge shotgun how old is it and how much might it be worth?

Newport: Trade name used by the H. & D. Folsom Arms Company on shotguns made for Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett and Company of Chicago. Could have been anytime from the 1890's to around 1950 and would be worth from $35-$75.

Where can you find information about a 16 gauge Newport break action single shot shotgun?

NEWPORT was a tradename used by the catalog/hardware giant Hibbard, Spencer& Bartlett Co (HS&B) in Chicago up until WW2. The single barrel guns were made by various contract manufacturers such as Iver Johnson and WH Davenport.

Did H Spencer r co make a double barreled 12 gauge hammer shotgun serial number 14718 any info.?

The Spencer Gun Co. made guns for Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co. of Chicago, Il. These guns were actually manufactured by the Crescent Fire Arms Co. of Norwich, Connecticut from about 1892 to 1922 with "Spencer Gun Co" as a brand name. They were good quality insexpensive single and double barrel shotguns. This is not to be confused with the Spencer rifle fo Civil War fame which was manufactured by the Burnside Rifle Co in 1865 or the later Spencer Arms Co. of Windsor, Connecticut who manufactured the first successful slide action repeating shotgun from 1882 to 1889.

What is a New York 16gauge single shot shotgun worth?


When was a Newport model WN 16GA single barrel shotgun made and what is it worth?

Could have been made any time from the early 1900's up to about 1960. The guns were made by Crescent, Harrington & Richardson, and Iver Johnson for sale by Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co. Value today is $35-$75, maybe $100+ if absolutely like new.

What Is The Age Of A Spencer Gun Company 16 Gauge Single Shot Break-action Shotgun With A Non-damascus Barrel. The Serial Under The Stock And Behind The Trigger Guard Reads B2397.?

Your Spencer Gun Co shotgun isa "Trade Brand Name" shotgun. That is a shotgun made by a major maker usually for a wholesaler or retailer who chose the name to go on the gun. In this case the gun was probably made by the Crescent Fire Arms Company of Norwich,CT (1892 to 1932) the largest maker ever of such guns. It was made for and sold at wholesale by the Hibbard Spencer Bartlett Co of Chicago, a large dealer in sporting goods. Best guess on a date would be sometime between 1910 and 1925.

Load a 16gauge slug on a 12gauge shotgun?

NEVER ATTEMPT TO LOAD THE WRONG AMMUNITION INTO A FIREARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not do this

What year is your browning 26685 16gauge shotgun?

I would need to know the model of the shotgun in question,along with the serial number to give you the correct answer to your question.

What is the age and value of a 20 gauge Newport WN hammer type single barrel shotgun?

Manufactured for Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlet & Co circa 1920-1950 by Davenport or Iver Johnson. Worth up to $75.

Value of Gold Hibbard double barrel shotgun?

You will have to check the on line auction sites.

Is the 16 gauge shotgun still made?

The answer to your question is Yes! 16gauge shotguns and shotshells are still made.

Value Gold Hibbard Double Barrel?

50-150 USD Circa 1900 Gold Hibbard doublebarrel mule eared Damascus finish shotgun. Made 1900

Hibbard 12 Ga shotgun Serial A482456 Can you give me any information on this shotgun?

this gun is very dangerous so use it wtih care.

What is the value of a Browning 16gauge automatic shotgun made in 1951 by Fatrique Nationale in excellent condition?

50-1000 USd

What is the age of a Belgian Browning Auto-5 16gauge sn92327?

Your browning auto-5 shotgun was produced in 1931.