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Check your local websites for ads, lots of people are looking to get rid of kittens and puppies


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Yes, there are free kittens available on Craigslist. In the search bar, type "free kittens" and there will be some ads for people giving away kittens.

You can not get hairless kittens for free. Hairless kittens have almost always been specially bred by their owners, and they will not give them away for free.

Free baby kittens can be obtained from families who have a cat who has given birth but cannot take care of the kittens. Kittens from a shelter still require a small fee.

Kittens from local shelters will not come free of charge as they will already have been given their shots and vaccinations. One can however find free kittens in local newspapers or on sites that offer free classifieds.

When looking for free kittens it's best to check the local newspaper. Checking with the local pet shop can be a good idea also as they often have a notice board where free kittens can be found.

One can go to Felines4us to give away free kittens. Their details can be listed with ones contact details so people can get in touch if they are interested in the kittens.

You cant sale something that's free, and they do it to give away unwanted kittens. Mainly mutt kittens, that are not of high standards such as Siamese or Persian. Granted they could sale mutt kittens for $5 $10 bucks, but they wont get read of them as fast.

Is it free in French is est-il gratuit. This is because es-il is is it in English and free in french is gratuit. So that adds up to est-il gratuit.

if you have an news paper you should look in the ads and also look on mail boxes and bords that say free kittens you can find them in gas stations and mail boxes also as around to see if any people you know have them the last word of thay sentence is kittens see if people you know have KITTENS

you can call a pet store by finding at the classified or helplines you can adopts neighborhood cats and kittens

I'll put a link below so you can go to a kittens for free website. sometimes the link wont show cause my friends tryed it but hope it works.

You can find Calico cats and kittens for free at adoptions sites like "adopt a pet". These sites may ask for a donation but this is optional and you may not have to pay.

Free kittens can be found in Maine at Craigslist, Maine Coon Cat Nation, Classified Ads, Pet Finder, Cat Adoption services, and Pet stores, online or in-person.

Call the local animal shelter, they'll tell you.

Try craigslist, or asking the new reporters.

Normally, cats are free it's mainly the dogs you have to pay for. Kittens can be adopted from the pound....many are put up there in just one day :(

You can post an advertisement for free kittens in a number of places. Try online classified sites, pet-specific classified sites and free trading boards. You can also place an ad in a local newspaper or post a notice at a local coffee shop or library.

Kittens are often available for adoption free of charge in the local newpaper's classified ads. Animal shelters such as the Humane Society also sometimes have kittens available for a fee which goes to help support the shelter. Pure bred kittens will be available from a breeder.

Probably the best place to advertise free kittens is in your local newspaper which can offer advertising space at a usually decent low price. Otherwise your best bet would be to contact a cat charity.

No shelter will allow you to adopt for free. The newspaper and Craigslist, however, are overflowing with ads for free cats and kittens.

You could take them to a good vet who will take in litters and see to it that the kittens are healthy and try to find homes for them. My vet does this, but not all vets do. You could also try to find homes for the kittens. Put posters up that say 'free kittens to good homes.' There are also Animal Shelters. I would either keep the kittens, sell them, or give them away.

The collective nouns for kittens are:a kendle of kittensa kindle of kittensan intrigue of kittensa litter of kittens (if they were born together)

The possessive of "kittens" is "kittens'."

The collective nouns for any number of kittens in a group are:a kendle of kittensa kindle of kittensan intrigue of kittensa litter of kittens (if they were born together)

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