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Hi, I also need this kind of stuff for my MM55SR. If you find anything, I would be delighted to pay for a photocopy or other copy and would do the same for you if I find anything. If OK, let me have your details. Also, do you have experience with this excavator - mine is new to me and the knuckle boom doesn't operate. It tries to but stops as soon as it moves, like an interlock is not releasing. Does the left foot button release an interlock? Thanks if you can help. Chris. I have a manual that was translated from Japanese to English.....our mechanic is familiar with the machine MM55sr.

2009-05-23 21:10:28
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2020-04-24 11:22:09


i need the manual if someone is willing to share it .

i am ready to pay for it if necessary .

thank you

2020-04-24 11:22:09
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