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It depends on what part of Kentucky you're in. Check the related link for Eagle Outdoor. They are good friends of mine and if you aren't in their area, they can recommend where to go or how to find out.

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Can you carry conceled while hunting in VA if you have a licence to carry?

It is permissible to conceal carry a weapon while hunting

What is a good weapon for a woman to carry for protection?

It depends on the circumstances. Does she want a handgun or some other type of weapon? Where is she located?

Can people in Russia carry a weapon?

yes, they can carry a weapon for 5 years.

Can mps carry a concealed weapon?

They have no special privileges to carry a concealed weapon.

What happends if cops find a conceled gun on you in Arizona?

You will need a lawyer unless you hold a concealed carry permit valid in AZ.

Does Aphrodite carry a weapon?

no Aphrodite did not have a weapon

Is it legal to carry a gun with a conceled carry permit in a commercial vehicle in n.c.?

Yes. You can even have one without a CCW, so long as it remains in plain sight at all times.

Can a US Army sniper carry a different weapon?

You carry the weapon you're assigned. If you don't want to carry a sniping weapon, you don't volunteer to be a sniper or designated marksman.

Did Satan carry a weapon?


Does a Sergeant at Arms from Toastmasters carry a lethal weapon?

No, a Sergeant at Arms from Toastmasters International does not carry a lethal weapon.

Who offers concealed carry classes or concealed handgun classes in corpus christi? offers concealed carry classes in that area.

Is it legal to carry a concealed weapon in California?

NO! Why would you hide a weapon!?!?

What is a personal protection license?

In some states, a license to carry a concealed weapon may be based on a business need (such as security company staff) or a personal protection need. It should be noted that states such as Maryland that make that distinction RARELY issue a personal protection license.

Can you carry a concealed weapon in an airplane?

hell no you cant You can't carry a weapon on your person or in your carry on luggage, however, you can transport most legal weapons in your checked baggage.

Do forest rangers carry a weapon?


Can you carry a concealed weapon at school?


What laws in Texas governs where a personal protection officer can carry a conceal weapon?

Sec 46.15 texas penal code...sec (b) subsection 4,5(A)(B)

Can you carry a concealed weapon in new york city?

Only if you have a permit for the weapon

What does bear arms during world war 2 mean?

In this case, it would mean to "bear arms" - as in "carry a weapon.""He bears his load.""He bears a weapon."It means, "To carry a weapon."

Can a marine carry a weapon?

Marines carry weapons in the field and often in garrison. Being a military person does not provide the right to carry a weapon when out of uniform. The local laws still have to be observed.

How do you put your weapon on your car?

I think in most places it is illegal to carry a weapon in your car.

Can an adult carry a concealed weapon in Illinois?

No, Illinois has not approved concealed carry.

Why do samurai have to carry katana?

It is their traditional weapon.

Is it legal to carry a concealed weapon into a casino?


What weapon do FBI agents carry?


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