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i am not to sure about the calcium part of this, but i know that Bromine is just like clorine, you can buy the product you are looking for at a different pool store because maybe it is just your pool store that isn't selling it

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What are calcium stores?

calcium can typicaly be stored in your fingernails.

Your skeleton stores calcium. How does calcium get into your body?


Does the skin store calcium?

No, the skeletal system stores calcium.

What control the amount of calcium in the body?

calcitonin (thyroid) used to break down calcium stores in the bone. and parathormone (parathyroid) - stores the excess calcium in the bones

How do you remove rust from sink?

There are a number of products commercially available in hardware stores and in the cleaning product section of supermarkets. One such product is CLR which advertises for removing Calcium or Lime deposits, or Rust stains.

What stores and releases calcium?

your bones

What system stores calcium?


What organelle stores calcium important in muscle contraction?

The Sarcoplasmic Reticulum stores calcium and releases it through the terminal cisternae into the tubule.

Is eating a calcium deposit dangerous?

You never know what else in the calcium. Food grade calcium is sold in stores.

What does the smooth er do for the cell?

it stores calcium

What compacts and stores calcium?

nigeria are the best

What connective tissue stores calcium?


How do you get your product into stores?

how do i get duvet covers in thane stores

What stores calcium in muscle cells?

The smooth endoplasmic reticulum.

Stores calcium in muscle cells?

The smooth endoplasmic reticulum.

What stores carry the calcium cleaner CLR?

Ace Hardware

What body system stores the mineral calcium?

It is the skeletal system

Does the skeletal system stores 99 percent of calcium?


What cell stores calcium and makes blood?

Bone marrow!!

What are the effects of exercise on bone calcium stores?

it kills you internally

What stores and releases calcium when stimulated by action potential?


What are two things the human skeletal system stores?

The Human skeletal systum stores calcium and phosphorous

What is surrogate advertisement?

Surrogate advertising is when an advertisement has the logo or brand of another company advertised within it. An example would be a product that shows in the commercial retailer outlets that offer their product in stores.

What are the product or solution found in store?

2 product founs at stores

What is immediate source of calcium ion for muscle fiber?

There is some calcium outside the cell but the bulk of it comes from intracellular stores.