Where can one buy Prowashonupana barley?

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2007-07-31 22:36:38

RE: Prowashonupana barley, the food distributor is Conagra


ConAgra's barley variety Prowashonupana contains at least 30

percent dietary fiber, of which more than 40 percent is soluble


it is also known under the brand name Sustagrain.

Sustagrain can be bought online from King Arthur Flour. see link


Barley Flakes, 2 LB
Item # 1593

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Ingredients: whole grain barley flakes. Processed in a

facility that also packages products containing eggs, milk, soy,

tree nuts, and wheat. Barley flakes make a delicious hot cereal.

Cook them as you would oatmeal. Or, use barley flakes in baked


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