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A personal injury attorney should be consulted when cases of identity theft occur. The Yellow Pages is a good place to look for lawyers advertising this service.


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Someone can find news on FTC identity theft via the 'Identity Theft Network' website. One can also find news on this subject from the 'Federal Trade Commission'.

There are many websites offering information on identity theft statistics. However, most of these websites are also selling an identity theft protection plan. For an unbiased view of statistics check out the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) they have an area devoted identity theft statistics.

One can find information on identity theft from the following sources: Consumer FTC Information, Social Security, Bank of America, Department of Justice, How Stuff Works.

Identity theft in most cases involves the perpetrator abusing your credit for their own gains. You can find more information at or

Find proof to show that your not. Fine real evidence that your not a identity thieve. Try harder and don't worry.

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People will always find ways to break rules and do bad things. Trading instead of using money wouldn't stop identity theft.

Identity theft is a common crime in Wichita, Kansas. Due to the high numbers in the crime, Wichita police have came up with a Theft's Victim Packet that you can find on their website.

No you can not. That would be considered identity theft.

A local Legal aid office is one place a person can find a criminal injury lawyer. The website Lawyer Locate offers a list of criminal injury lawyers as well.

The easiest way to do so is to go to Yahoo or Google site and enter such search in form of "identity theft lawyers'. You may narrow down such search by adding additional words, like your state abbrevation or city

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Lawyers that specialized in dealing with employee contracts are called "Employment Contracts Lawyer". Depending on the country and state there are several different options available online in order to find a corresponding lawyer.

Take over an identity theft ring, new york, underboss tier

Your initial task would be to find a lawyer who deals with medical jurisprudence in the region.

The best way to find an attorney that specializes in LLC law is to contact the local bar association. They will be able to give you a referral.

1 in 6 people fell victim to identity theft last year, costing consumers and businesses over $50 billion. Only 28% of those people fell victim to financial identity theft, which is the easiest to repair. The other 72% were medical, drivers license, social security and character/criminal identity theft. The AARP just announced that medical cards are being sold on the black market for around $500 each and each card is being sold to multiple people. People with no insurance and illegal aliens are buying these cards left and right. What does this mean to you and me if our insurance card is duplicated and sold? It means their is somebody out there using your card for doctor visits, blood transfusions, cancer treatments, transplants and it could be multiple people in multiple states. And the average person doesn't know their identity has been stolen for 2-3 years. How do you even begin to fix something like this? You can't on your own. On average it costs identity theft victims $1500 to repair their identity after they find out it has been stolen. Identity Theft Shield is the only identity theft protection agency available that will completely restore your identity if it is stolen at no extra charge. Go to to find out more information and how to protect yourself and your family.

Spam is one of the biggest problems we find on our systems usually.Spam and identity can be protected by using identity theft protection like Mcafee. proper protection should be offered otherwise your details will be spoiled.

In recent years, identity theft has become a major issue. Each year, the identities of thousands of people across the country are stolen by criminals. Identity theft is often difficult to thwart and can have a long lasting impact on your life. If someone has stolen your identity, it can have several profound consequences on your life. You may find that your credit rating has been destroyed, your identity has been assumed, or even worse that someone is perpetrating crimes in your name. Repairing the damage caused by identity theft can take years. Below are some of the most common types of identity theft. Credit Identity Theft In this kind of identity theft, someone uses your personal information like a social security number to apply for credit cards, loans, or other financial obligations. You may begin to notice this kind of theft when you start getting mysterious bills in the mail for services and things that you have not purchased. You may also start to get calls from bill collectors asking for payment. If this happens to you and you know that you did not make the purchases or solicit the services, there is a good chance that someone has stolen your credit identity. You must work to clear your name immediately because credit identity theft can ruin your credit very quickly, making it hard for you to get credit cards and loans. Driver’s License Theft If someone steals your driver’s license, they can use it as their own identity. If they get stopped for a traffic violation or commit a crime while driving and are summoned to court but never show up, the judge can and will issue an arrest warrant for you since the documentation on the ticket has your information on it. You can also have you driver’s license suspended and lose your insurance because of the theft if the thief drivers recklessly using your license. Character Theft In this type of identity theft, someone pretends to be you by using your name. If they commit any criminal offenses, warrants can be issued in your name even though you are innocent and have nothing to do with the crime. Social Security Number Theft Your social security number can be used for a number of things by criminals. They can apply for credit in your name, seek employment using your name, and more. Not only can a person ruin your credit, but they can also cause the IRS to come after you if they work using your name and have not paid income taxes. Medical Theft Criminals can also steal your medical identity to take advantage of your insurance policy or to obtain prescription drugs in your name. If you do not catch this theft soon, your medical insurance may be canceled due to the thief making filing claims.

When most people think of identity theft they think about somebody stealing their credit cards or getting in to their bank account. Actually that's just some jerk wanting to go on a shopping spree at the expense of someone else Financial identity theft is the easiest to detect and the easiest to repair but it only makes up 28% of all identity theft. Banks and financial institutions are required to carry identity theft protection by law for their clients. This is called The Red Flag Rule that came into effect Jan. 1 2008. The other 4 areas of identity theft are not so easily taken care of. Character/criminal, social security. medical and drivers license identity theft. It is usually 2-3 years before the victim even knows their identity has been stolen with any of these 4 areas. People that can't get a drivers license whether it had been revoked or they are illegal aliens can buy a drivers license on the black market with your identity on it. If they get a Dui or any traffic violation. that goes on your driving record or on a warrant for your arrest. When your social security number is stolen they can take out bank loans and open up new lines of credit in your name and you would never know it until you applied for a lone and find out your credit was ruined. Medical identity theft could even turn out deadly for the victim. Medical cards are being sold on the black market for around $500 each and are being sold to multiple people. People can use them for surgeries, cancer treatments, blood transfusions and this goes on your medical records. Not only are you stuck with thousands of dollars in medical bills, your medical records show that you had medical procedures done that never happened. This could turn out deadly. Victims can spend years and thousands of dollars trying to repair their damaged identity. Children have become a hot item for identity thieves. They are stealing their social security numbers and opening up lines of credit. Nobody ever knows it has happened until they grow up and try to open up their own line of credit or apply for student loans to find out their credit has been ruined. There is only one identity theft protection agency that not only monitors your credit for anything suspicious, it completely restores it for you if you do become a victim of identity theft. It is Identity Theft Shield and it covers your whole family, even your children for $9.95-$12.95 per month. To find out more about Identity Theft Shield go to

You can find a Christian lawyer from the following sources: Christian Lawyer Directory, Christian Lawyer Connection, Legal Match, Lonang, Affordable Family Lawyer.

Depending on your country and local jurisdiction, a lawyer who deals with legal matters regarding an immigration lawyer. There is usually resources at the immigration office as well with pamphlets directing you to websites and other resources containing the numbers for local immigration lawyers.

Millions of people every year find that someone stole their identities. Identity theft is a serious problem, and the incidents of theft significantly increased in the last few years. If you were the victim of theft, you need legal help to get your life back on track.Why Identity Theft OccursIdentity theft occurs when someone uses your identity in illegal ways. You might find that someone opened several bank accounts in your name and each account is overdrawn. The person can also steal your identity and open credit cards in your name. The individual uses those credit cards to make large purchases, including expensive electronics. Some identity thefts even purchase cars, get jobs and live a new life under your name.Identity theft occurs because someone has access to your personal information. Every time you throw away a credit card statement, mortgage bill or other bills, you leave yourself open to thieves. Someone can get your name, address and even your social security number from those bills, which is why experts suggest that you shred any documents you place in the trash. Thieves can also get your information online. If you had any legal problems in the past, the thief can often find your social security number and other personal information from the legal documents posted online. Some thieves even steal bank account numbers when you make purchases from an unsecured website.What Happens NextUnless you monitor your credit report regularly, you might not realize that you have a problem. Once a thief defaults on a purchase made in your name, you start getting bills from the company. In some cases, the thief uses another address. You do not learn of the problem until you try to get a loan or open a line of credit. Bill collectors can also call your home, work or cell phone and send letters about the bill owed.Getting Legal HelpWhen you realize that you were the victim of identity theft, you should contact a lawyer immediately. It is possible that the legal system believes you were the person making those purchases. A lawyer can help you clear your name, remove those debts from your credit report and even prosecute the person who stole your identity. Working with an attorney makes the process easier because the attorney can handle the legwork. Your attorney wants to help you take back your identity.

This is confidential information, and unless you actually know the person who owns the passport, you can't find out who they are. A passport number such as this may be used in identity theft.

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