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One can find a mortgage refinance lender in Detroit by going to websites such as Zillow. On websites such as these one will find a list of mortgage refinance lenders.

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You can find information on what it means to refinance a 2nd mortgage from your potential mortgage lender. Alternatively you can try money blogs and forums.

You should not have to, and you may not find a lender willing to do so. Watch out for scam artists. But if you can find a legitimate lender willing to refinance, go right ahead.

To find more information on a mortgage refinance, you should go to your current lender. You can also try website such as Lending Tree or Green Light Loans.

One can find information on a home mortgage refinance in California through various methods. The best way to find information on refinancing a mortgage is to contact a bank or lender that offers mortgage refinance. Some banks one can contact include Bank of America or Lending Tree.

A person may find mortgage refinance information at a bank or mortgaging office as well as online. Some websites that offer mortgage refinance information include bankrate and realtor.

In order to refinance your home, you should look for a reputable mortgage broker. Work with the broker to find a good plan to refinance you home by looking at you current mortgage.

I would first ask your mortgage lender to compare and contrast the two loans for you, they should be the best resource. Here is an online mortgage calculator:

There are many places one can find information on refinancing a home mortgage. The best thing to do is contact your current lender or your current bank. You can also contact Lending Tree.

Refinancing a mortgage can sometimes save money in the long run. Many times the original lender can modify the loan. Other times borrowers can find a new lender to purchase the loan from the original lender.

You would need to find a lender that is willing to refinance your home at a reasonable rate. Try consulting with some local banks.

One can find companies that will refinance a home mortgage online. One may also be able to find companies locally that would have the ability to refinance ones home.

You would need to find a lender willing to loan you money. However, if you're behind on your mortgage you would not be a good credit risk. If you did find a lender willing to refinance it would likely be a predatory lender who would hit you with thousands of dollars in fees at the closing. You would owe more money and would still lose your home. Call the attorney general's office in your state to ask if there is an agency in your area where you could get credit counseling.

The typical refinance rates in San Antonio varies from which mortgage company or lender you use. The best way to find out is to call around and ask what their rates are and compare them with other companies.

A person who wants to refinance their home needs to find a mortgage company to do so. The person will need to discuss options of their home, credit and bank information pertaining to the refinance.

Do you want an extension on an existing loan or a new loan? You can refinance anything if you can find a lender.

One can find a refinance mortgage rate calculator on a number of banking websites. For instance, there are some calculators on Zillow, Realtor, and BankRate websites.

The best way to refinance a home is for the person to contact either their mortgage company or their personal financial consultant. They will find the refinance plan that best suites them.

You can find mortgage refinance leads through your local bank. You can also call one of the three credit bureaus (Experian is a great place to start).

One can find important information about mortgage refinance at bank websites such as Bank of America, Citibank, or at consumer finance sites such as or

To find the lowest refinance mortgage rates, one would have historically had to shop around. However, with the advent of online comparison tools, this is the new one-stop shop for anyone looking to refinance.

125% Mortgage refinancing is generally not recommended in the current economic climate. Reviews of 125 Mortgage refinance can be found online at Smart Money, Fox Business, and the Mortgage Professor.

A mortgage calculator can be used to find out if it is worth it to refinance your monthly payments, if it will lower your payments and if you would save on interest and fees. By entering your data you can decide if it is worth it to refinance your home mortgage.

For general information on home equity refinance loans, some excellent resources are the websites Bankrate and Mortgage Calculator. For information on specific home equity refinance options available, these will vary from lender to lender so it is best to contact each bank directly or visit their websites.

There are various sources from which one can find a refinance mortgage loan calculator. These include various sites like MSN Money, Yahoo Homes and Zillow.

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