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You can find information on what it means to refinance a 2nd mortgage from your potential mortgage lender. Alternatively you can try money blogs and forums.


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Mortgage rate calculators are offered on every bank website. Not sure what refinance mortgage means, but it might be best to book an appointment with your bank so that you can get the best available information.

One can refinance interest only mortgages through various means. GuideToLenders offers advice on which mortgages to refinance. It's recommended to only refinance your mortgage once.

You might be able to refinance your home. This means lower mortgage payments every month. There are some programs like Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) that can help you refinance if you can't due to a low value of your home.

That means the owner-seller has agreed to take a second mortgage that will be a junior lien to the primary purchase money mortgage.That means the owner-seller has agreed to take a second mortgage that will be a junior lien to the primary purchase money mortgage.That means the owner-seller has agreed to take a second mortgage that will be a junior lien to the primary purchase money mortgage.That means the owner-seller has agreed to take a second mortgage that will be a junior lien to the primary purchase money mortgage.

A second mortgage is often needed at times when a family is running low on money. A second mortgage means a loan is taken on the home owner's house. This usually means that they will get a big loan and their home will be collateral.

you have two options when you need to pull out money from your property. 1.) cash-out refi- where you pay off the current mortgage and take additional cash with it. 2.) leave the current mortgage alone and taking a second mortgage out for the cash. Second mortgage all so means it is in second place behind the first mortgage

To refinance a mortgage or loan means to replace an existing loan with another loan. The new loan usually has better terms, such as a lower interest rate. The new loan is used to pay off the old loan, and one makes payments under the new terms.

Your house is in forclosure, this means you do not pay your mortgage. Unlikely a bank would take such a risk!

A second mortgage is generally riskier for a lender because the second mortgage is subordinate to the primary loan. This means that if the loan defaults, the first mortgage is paid off first and the lender risks losing the money put up for the second mortgage. To cover the extra risk, there is a higher interest rate placed on the second mortage.

The buyer of a second mortgage is buying the rights of the mortgagee (lender) under the second mortgage. A buyer of a mortgage is correctly called a mortgage assignee. Therefore, the buyer of the second mortgage is subject to the first mortgage. The first mortgage needs to be paid, not "reinstated".The property remains subject to the first mortgage until it has been paid off. Even if the property is transferred to a new owner the property is subject to the first mortgage and the second mortgage if there was a second mortgage recorded in the land records. The second mortgage always remains subject to the first mortgage until the first mortgage has been paid.Note that a property subject to a mortgage is subject to all the terms of that mortgage. Mortgages have boilerplate "due on transfer" clauses. That means if there is any transfer in ownership of the property, the lender will demand payment of the mortgage in full, immediately.It sounds like you need to discuss this with an attorney who can review the details of your situation and explain your options.

It just means the 2d has to be paid if you refinance, sell etc. In other words you can't do a refi unless a payoff of the 2d is rolled in.

Yes. The mortgage would need to be paid off and refinanced in order to terminate your obligations. If a lender won't agree to a refinance that means it doesn't think the remaining mortgagor is a good risk. They don't make enough money or their credit isn't good enough.

Yes. You must either pay off the home equity loan separately or with the refinance, or you must request that your home equity lender "subordinate" your loan. This means they sign a written and recorded agreement that allows your new first mortgage to be recorded on title in place of the old one and the home equity lender agrees to state "subordinate" to the new first. Your refinance loan officer or title company can make this request for you.

refinance means you're going to take the money that you currently owe on a loan and pay it off with a new loan.

To refinance in California means to contact lenders about the interest rate you are paying on your home to determine if you can save money by refinancing the loan. Interest rates are low right now so refinancing may save hundreds of dollars off your mortgage each month.

It means that you take out a second mortgage to help make home improvements on your house. This often raises the value of your house if you are selling it.

In many states, there is a discounted refinance rates for the premium. Ask the title insurance agent who is doing the new Mortgage Policy if you qualify for a discount. There are no discounts that I know of, on an Owner's Policy, since when a new Owner's Policy issued, it means the property and chain of title, has transferred hands.

You have to receive approval to change your 'plan' from the Bankruptcy court. Usually, if they approve; and , you can find a lender willing to refinance while you are in BK, this means the money you save is then used to pay more to your debtors. if that is what you want to do. Usually, lenders want to see you pay the plan to it's end and then refinance.

You will have to refinance your loan in order to get his name off. The loan now has both of your names on it because you both appied at the same time. This mortgage has to be paid off in order to remove the ex-spouse. That means you will have to apply for a new mortgage in your name only.

What happens to a second mortgage if there is a friendly foreclosure of the first mortgage on property?

Home equity loan refinancing means paying off an existing mortgage with the proceeds from a new loan, using the same property as collateral. It is a second mortgage. It is important to note that you may be subject to the same costs you paid to get your original mortgage, including settlement costs, discount points and other fees. A prepayment penalty may apply for paying off the original mortgage early. The amount you save will vary depending upon factors such as interest rates, refinancing costs and tax consequences. Borrowers may have the option to refinance from an adjustable rate mortgage with a high interest rate subject to increases to a lower fixed-rate mortgage.

The difference is really all in how the loans were originated. A junior mortgage refers to the lien placement on the property title. A second mortgage means a mortgagor has more than one loan on a property with the same lender. For example, If I purchase a home (assuming the title is clean and there are no liens on the title) and get the loan with ABC Bank then ABC Bank is considered the senior mortgage. If I obtain another loan with ABC Bank most commonly a HELOC or Home Equity Line of Credit then it is a second mortgage in second position. Let's say that after I obtained the second loan with ABC Bank, I chose to take out a smaller loan against the property with XYZ Bank. That loan will be considered a junior lien. The loans won't always fall that clean on the title however. You can have a junior lien between a senior lien and second mortgage. In the example above if the XYZ Bank loan was taken out before the second mortgage with ABC Bank then it would still be called a junior lien and the second mortgage with ABC Bank would be the second mortgage with ABC Bank but in third position. Hope that helps!

what does it mean when the mortgage company says they must read the underlying of the mortgage? I do not quit understand what that means.

what means 'mortgage value' as the real estate property

Sun Trust will no allow you to refinance your mortgage at a lower rate, even if the sinkhole was fixed. From what I have read, you have to pay off the original mortgage, first, in full, then start all over again - which means title search, survey, and all the fees you have already gone through before. Then, who is to say you would even get a better rate, because of your sinkhole history, repaired or not.

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