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Good reviews about the Canon digital cameras can be found by reading the reviews for individual Canon cameras on Amazon and Bestbuy. More reviews can be found at Cnet.

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There are several review sites you can use to review a Cannon camera. Cameras Digital Camera, and are just a few of them.

One can find reviews of different digital cameras on the Best Buy, Amazon, Digital Trends, and CNET websites. Any website that sells digital cameras will have reviews from customers on the cameras.

Someone can find reviews for high speed digital cameras on Amazon where many models of camera have hundreds of customer reviews. One can also find reviews on 'Digital Camera Info'.

One can find reviews on digital cameras from: Cnet, Amazon, Consumer Reports, DP Reviews, Expert Reviews, Trusted Reviews, Digital Trends, Product Reviews, Best Buy customer reviews, Kelkoo, to name a few.

You can read reviews on a wide variety of digital cameras at Along with editor ratings, you will find specs, prices, and reviews by regular consumers.

CNET Reviews of Digital Cameras, Consumer Reports, Ritz Camera, and What Digital Camera all offer side by side comparisons of newly offered as well as older digital cameras.

On can find reviews about Sanyo digital cameras on websites like Amazon. On Amazon, one can find comments and suggestions from people who already own Sanyo digital cameras.

If one is wanting to find reviews of digital cameras there are a number of sites where one can find a variety of reviews. They are readily available on Amazon by customers who have actually purchased and used the cameras. Another great site for reviews, ratings and comparisons is the Top Ten Reviews website.

I would recommend looking at amazon for customer reviews on digital camcorders. They have tons of reviews for millions of products. I find that the reviews are not bias as well. has reviews for many different brands of digital cameras. Go here for their page on Kodak:

One can find information about digital cameras for kids at the site of TopTenReviews. This site offers many reviews from people who had experience with items such as children cameras.

There are three very good sites which offer reviews and comparisons for digital SLR cameras. These three sites are,, and

One can find digital camera and computer reviews from Consumer Reports. This nonprofit organization works to ensure that consumers have access to accurate reviews of products.

You will find all about small digital cameras online. First of all pick a brand you would like to learn more about. is a very reliable source of user reviews on products, including things like Cannon cameras. For a more technologically advanced user base to compare to, you could check user reviews of Cannon cameras on The users of this site are very useful in determining the quality of certain electronics.

The best digital cameras reviews of 2012 could be found in the Consumer Reports magazine, or on their website. You could also find reviews of the brands on their brand websites.

I suggest looking for websites that sell Sony Cybershot digital cameras. When you found them on the websites look at customer reviews and see if it helps. you can also look in technology magazines that have reviews on the camera too.

CNET provides the most up to date and in-depth reviews of shock-proof cameras. Magazines like Aperture and Outdoor Photography have sections of digital cameras however the sections for sock-proof cameras could be limited. TechCrunch and Imaging have both professional and casual reviews from consumers.

You can read reviews about the different Nikon digital cameras at These reviews are provided by both the editors of the site as well as the average person. Prices can also be found there.

You can find information about the best compact digital cameras on websites such as Tech Crunch and Consumer Reports. Another site to check out is Best Buy. On their website you can see consumer reviews to help you make a decision.

When it comes to reviews on electronics including digital cameras I always recommend starting at the BBB. I also think that CNET dot com offers some great reviews.

There are a lot of good websites out there that write reviews on different digital cameras including Canon. To name a few, one could try Cent, PC Mag and DP Review.

You can find a list of the top rated digital cameras on the Consumer Reports page under home and than electronics & computers. You can also find another list on the Best Choice Reviews website.

There are many sites that have both reviews and price comparisons for specific cameras. One such sites is PC mag. Here they give you many options and reviews of cameras with an estimated price for each.

There are many websites that review digital cameras, there is the simple point and shoot to the more complex SLR and manual cameras. Here is a website to get you started

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