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Skins for the DS Lite can be bought in almost every shop that sells the DS lite. Ebay is the most popular site to buy skins, people all over the world can sell their DS Lite skins on Ebay.

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Q: Where can one find skins for the DS Lite?
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Where can one find skins for a Nintendo DS Lite?

Locally, you may be able to find skins at your nearest Gamestop or BestBuy. You can also purchase Nintendo DS Lite skins at websites such as Amazon, DecalGirl, GelaSkins, and Unique Skins.

Do ds lite skins fit on ds?

hell no

Do Nintendo DS Lite Skins fit Nintendo DS?

I guess they do. The original DS has pretty much the same shape as the DS Lite. It might look odd though.

Where can you get a cheap Nintendo DS Lite?

You can find a cheap Nintendo DS Lite on Craiglist.

Where can one find information about Nintendo DS lite accessories?

If one is looking to find information about the Nintendo DS Lite accessories, there is a good amount of information available from the Nintendo website. The Wikipedia site also has a good deal of information to offer on the Nintendo DS Lite accessories.

How do you know if its a ds lite?

on a ds at the back it does NT ssay ds lite and on a ds lite it says ds lite

Can you connect the DS lite with the DS lite?

Yes you can. You can also connect DS lite to DS and DS Lite to DSi.

Where can you find the little pencil button on Nintendo DS Lite?

I have never had a ds or a ds lite, but I would think that there would be a couple of hooks (snaps?) on one of the sides of it, or maybe on the back.

Is a DS the same as a DS lite?

There are 2 versions of the DS:the DS Lite, which was released in 2006the DSi, which was released in 2008/9the ds lite is the best ever!the ds was the first one then the ds lite then dsinow 3DS is out and it has everything from all previous DS's except for GAMEBOY

Are there wireless adapters for ds?

No, the DS AND DS Lite both have one built into it.

Is the lime green a DS or a DS lite?

It is a Nintendo Ds Lite

Can you charge your Game Boy micro with a ds lite charger?

no you cant the one for the ds lite is to small for the micro

What is Action replay for DS LITE?

it is a cheating device. you can find one at put cheats in them

Where can one purchase an NDS Lite handheld control?

A Nintendo DS Lite is a handheld gaming system by Nintendo. The Lite was the first redesign of the original DS system. There has been an estimated 93 million DS Lite systems sold worldwide. The DS Lite system is no longer manufactured by Nintendo, and is becoming harder to find. Some units are still available on Amazon and eBay.

Where can DS Lite accessories be purchased?

DS Lite Accessories can be purchased via the internet at places like Amazon and Ebay. You can also find DS Lite accessories at Walmart, Kmart, ToysRus, and Target.

What is the difference between a ds lite and a Nintendo Ds lite?

as far as I understand it is the same thing. ds lite is the short way of saying Nintendo ds lite.

Where can you buy DS Lite skins?

DS Lite Skins, in all its different design models can be found in several well designed webshops. Also be sure to pay your local shopping malls a visit, since handheld gadget stores are hiding everywhere, just waiting for you to catch a hold on there inventory.

What do you do when your ds lite gets water on it?

get a new ds lite

Where can one buy a pink DS Lite console?

There are many places where one can purchase a pink DS Lite console. One can purchase a pink DS Lite console at popular on the web sources such as Target, Amazon, eBay, and Game Stop.

Why has the ds lite got lite at the end?

It is called Ds lite because it is smaller and lighter than the first Ds :)

Can Pokemon Emerald fit in the ds?

in ds lite and the regular one, yes.

Can the Nintendo ds play Nintendo ds lite games?

There is no such thing as a game made specifically for the DS lite. So there are no 'DS lite' games.

How do you download as Ds lite emulator an legal way?

There is no DS lite emulator.If your looking for a DS emulator just google it, its not possible to legally obtain one.

What is the DS lite slogan?

i dont think there is one

Is DS lite browser better than a DS lite game?