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Video game store websites such as Game and Gamestation which sell Nintendo games will have information on Super Mario Kart. These websites sell Super Mario Kart as it is a well known and requested game, so they will have information about the game.

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It's called Super Mario 64.

Well, Actually It Was Once Called Super Mario 3D. Nintendo Later Just Added The Word "Land".

No, it is for the Nintendo Wii. Super Mario Sunshine is for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Super Mario is the official mascot of Nintendo.

Super Mario Sunshine was only released for the Nintendo Gamecube.

There is a Super Mario Brothers for both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U

Yes, Nintendo is still making new Super Mario games for each new Nintendo game console that is released. The latest Super Mario game released was for the Nintendo DS3.

They are Mario Mario and Luigi Mario from the hit Nintendo game series Super Mario Bros.

There are 4, Super Mario Bros. 1, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3, there is also Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels which is the original Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan. They have also made a remake of Super Mario All-Stars for Nintendo Wii.

Wario:Super Mario 64(Nintendo DS),Mario Strikes Charged(Nintendo Wii,PS2,Nintendo Gamecube)Super Smash Brothers(Nintendo 64)Super Smash Brothers Brawl(Nintendo Wii),Super Smash Brothers(Nintendo Entertainment System,Super Nintendo Entertainment System,Game & Watch) Waluigi:Super Mario Galaxy 2(Nintendo Wii)etc.

Nintendo made Mario they make most games all the Mario games are by Nintendo?

There is no such game as 'Mario Kart 2', however there have been six Mario Kart games so far; 'Super Mario Kart' for the Super Nintendo, 'Mario Kart 64' for the Nintendo 64, 'Mario Kart: Super Circuit' for the Game Boy Advance, 'Mario Kart: Double Dash!!' for the Gamecube, 'Mario Kart DS' for the Nintendo DS and 'Mario Kart Wii' for the Nintendo Wii.

No i don't think so there is no word from Nintendo of making a Super Mario Sunshine 2. I Do Agree With This! But It Would Be Nice If Nintendo Came Out With Super Mario Sunshine 2!

Because super Mario strikers go's for Nintendo game cube and Mario strikers charged football is for the Nintendo Wii.

Super Mario Sunshine is a game made for the Nintendo Gamecube.

There are currently only two Super Mario Brothers games available for the Nintendo DS. New Super Mario Brothers and New Super Mario Brothers 2 are the game titles.

Nintendo has announced some game called "Super Mario" for the 3DS. You can check the super Mario wiki for more info about this. There's also Paper Mario 3DS coming out! :) :)

Super Mario from Nintendo right now is currently 32.

either nintendo 64 or nintendo ds.

no, but he kissed Mario in Super Mario RPG for the super Nintendo

Saving Super Mario Bros to your Nintendo Wii's Memory

Not yet Nintendo just recently made super Mario galaxy 2.

No, Super Mario 64 is for the Nintendo 64, which was released in 1995 in Japan.

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