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A second hand Honda CB450 can sometimes be purchased on eBay or on Craigslist. It is more likely that it can be purchased from a motorbike dealer because then it is easier to check it thoroughly before purchase.

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Q: Where can one purchase a second-hand Honda CB450 motorcycle?
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What are some good places to rent a Honda CB450 motorcycle?

Motorcycle rental is not as widely available as car rental and the providers have relatively limited stock. Racy Rentals in Los Angeles, for example, only hires one Honda bike and it is not the CB450.

Is Honda cb450 collectible?

if it is the first year it was produced then it has motorcycle historic significance if its not then no ...just old

What kind of oil do you use for a 1973 Honda cb450 motorcycle?

I have a 1974 cb450 and it calls for 10w40 oil 3qts. yours should be the same . Use motorcycle oil as it is designed for the higher engine temperatures. Pure synthetic bike oil is not recommended as it leaks out more easily and can cause clutch slippage.

Where can one purchase a Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle?

There are a variety of places where one can purchase a Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle. One can purchase a Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle at Amazon Marketplace and eBay, and many other places as well.

Honda 1986 cb450 nighthawk spark plug gap?

its .026

What is the shift patter for a Honda cb450?

1 down and 4 up

Where can one purchase the Honda Wave Motorcycle?

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Where can one purchase a Honda CR125?

One can purchase a Honda CR125 from a variety of locations. Some of them are Honda, Bike Finds, Kijiji, Electrosport and Motorcycle USA to name just a few.

Where can you find Honda cb450 wiring schematics?

Hi, Both links have a lot of good information on vintage Hondas you will need. The first link has a wiring diagram for a 1972 Honda CB450. Rick

Where can I purchase a motorcycle cover for a Honda motorcycle in St. Charles, MO?

There are a number of Honda motorcycle dealerships in yor area i have provided a website with each location and contat information for the dealerships nearest you they will most likely have the product you are searching for

Where is it possible to purchase a Honda Odyssey FL250?

One can purchase the Honda Odyssey FL250 from the motorcycle website Yakaz. They have a number of Odyssey FL250 models listed ranging from $250 to $1900.

Where could one buy a Honda CBR 600?

The Honda CBR 600 is a motorcycle manufactured by Honda since 2003. One can purchase a Honda CBR 600 from a local Honda motorcycle dealer. Various models can be found for private sale through Kijiji and Auto Trader as well.

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