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There are several credit cards that offer no APR. Some of these cards include the Citi Simplicity Card, Capital One Venture One, and the Citi Diamond Preferred Card.


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There are a number of different credit card companies that offer 0 percent APR credit cards. Some of the companies that offer 0 percent APR are Capital One and Discover.

One can get a zero percent apr credit card by going to the Credit Cards website. The website offers a number of credit cards deals including ones that have zero percent apr.

APR stands for annual percentage rate in reference to a credit card. An annual percentage rate is the rate companies or banks charge when one uses a credit card.

A credit card transfer offer is when you transfer your balance from one credit card to another, and get a lower APR as a result. For instance, Capital One might offer 0% APR if you transfer the balance from say, your Wells Fargo card to your Capital One card.

There are many credit cards that have a low APR (Annualized Percentage Rate). To apply, one can visit a financial institution or even apply for one through the credit card site.

A great place to start searching for a 0% APR credit card is Get Rich Slowly's article on the best 0% APR credit cards of 2013. They compare the various 0% APR credit cards to show the benefits or disadvantages of each.

"Just like any other credit card, one can apply on line or at your bank and/or any bank. But just like any other credit card it depends on your credit history and there is no way to say whether or not you can get approved 100% on an APR credit card as the same standards apply to it as do to any credit card."

The only place that routinely gives an APR of 0% as an introductory credit card is Capital One. You can also ask your current bank for a good deal if you have a good credit rating.

There are several places where a person can get a credit card with a low APR. Websites such as Capitol One, American Express, Bank of America, and Discover all have credit cards with low APR.

There are a number of online websites where one can find a zero APR balance transfer credit card. Some of these websites include Discover, Citi, and Nationwide.

Low APR credit cards can be obtained from most local banks as well as a few online or independent companies, but most people just negotiate this with their own credit card carrier.

Most 0% APR credit card offers are for balance transfers from one credit card to another. This is a smart option if you are looking to pay down your credit card debt. Some credit cards that offer this benefit are Capital One Platinum, Discover It, and the Citi Diamond Preferred card.

Someone is able to get a credit card with 0% APR if they are switching their main account from one bank to another. These sorts of accounts are often offered to encourage new customers.

Depending on which Citi credit card one wanted to go with the rates will vary. They just introduced a card that has no late fees and a 0% APR for 18 months, then as low as 12.99% APR afterwards.

With a credit card, you do not receive any money when the card is issued. Rather, one has a limited credit line that may be utilized for purchases and other transactions. It is up to the cardholder to use the card for purchases.

There are a lot of credit consolidation groups, who can help an individual pay off a high balance on a Visa credit card. It is also better to pay off a credit card with a higher APR% first, and also to potentially transfer some of your debt on a higher APR% card to a lower one.

This will depend on one's credit history. Card comparison websites such as Nerd Wallet as well as money-saving specialist blogs like Money Saving Expert have listings of credit cards with very low representative APR. However, the credit card company need only offer 51% of its customers the representative APR.

There are a number of companies that allow one to receive a 0% credit card application. One can get them from 'Bankrate', 'Tesco Bank', 'Santander' and 'Halifax'.

There are several different credit card companies that offer 0% APR on sign in for several months. Citi credit card offers 0% APR for 18 months, Capital One offers 0% APR until August of 2013, Discover offers 0% APR for 15 months and Chase offers 0% APR for 15 months as well. To narrow these down you will want to review interest rates after the initial 0% rate and choose the credit card that will best suit your needs.

One can receive an Ikea credit card by simply applying for it online or in stores. On Ikea's website, there is a application form for one to fill out to be approved of a credit card.

You can think of APR as the amount of interest you would pay if you borrowed an amount of money and kept it for one year. At the end of the year the APR would be multiplied times the amount you borrowed and that would be the interest you would owe. Of course it isn't used that way for credit card purchases. The credit card company divides the APR by 365 to create a daily interest rate. Then they multiply this daily rate times the number of days in the billing period and then by the amount you owe at the end of the period before interest is added and add this to the amount you owe. If you mean what is the APR on your credit card, this varies by the card you hold and is often used to decide which card to get, because the lower the APR the less interest you will have to pay.

Have good credit , over 740 preferably, have no maxed out accounts of any kind, no late payments and no recent credit card applications and even then its only when a credit card company is having these special promotions of 0% APR that you should take advantage of this.

Capital One offers a credit card called Venture One which come with a variety of features that would be recommended for an elderly consumer. This card offers 0% APR until May of 2012.

Someone's credit card limit is determined by examining their credit score. Typically, one who has good credit will receive a much higher credit card limit than one who has a bad credit score.

Almost all major credit card companies offer 0 APR credit cards for a few months to a year for opening an initial account. These companies include Capital One and Citi.

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