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Where can sulfur be found?

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Sulfur can be found in meteorites and Hot springs and many minerals such as Galena. Sulfur is found in various compounds. It is not a pure form in nature.

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Can silver be found in sulfur?

Sulfur is an element and as such no silver would be found in pure sulfur except as a trace element.

Is sulfur found pure or an ore?

Sulfur is found both "pure" (elemental Sulfur)or as an ore(sulfur compounds). It occurs commonly in either form.

Is sulfur found in living things?

Yes, sulfur is found in plants and animals.

What are the products of oxygen and sulfur?

sulfur is found in some products like drugs sulfur is found in some products like drugs

Where is sulfur commonly found?

Sulfur is one of several elements found in biochemicals. They are CHNOPS. Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur in that order.

What is sulfur precipitator?

A sulfur percipitator extracts sulfur from the air, they can be found in places such as chimneys.

How common is sulfur in nature?

Sulfur is commonly found in volcanoes

Where can information about sulfur be found?

Sulfur is a pale yellow solid that is essential to life. Information about sulfur can be found online. The Web Elements site offers basic information and classification of sulfur.

What food is sulfur found in?

it is found in vamsi

What states is sulfur found in?

Sulfur is at room temperature in solid state.

What common items is sulfur found in?

Sulfur is found in a lot of things like garlic, cauliflour, onions! which contain sulfur compounds and Sulfur is in gunpowder, matches, fireworks, and car batteries (sulphuric acid)

Is sulfur found in DNA?


Is sulfur a gas?

sulfur is an element that can be found on the periotic table of the elements it can be found in many states including gas.

Can sulfur be found in Louisiana?

Sulfur mines can be found in Lake Pelto, Larose-Galliano, and Grand Isle offshore.

Where is the largest sulfur deposit found?

the Mishraq sulfur deposit in northern Iraq

Is sulfur a plant?

Sulfur or sulphur is a chemical element. It is not a plant, and is found in volcanoes.

Where is sulfur mined?

Sulfur is found near hot springs and volcanic regions

Where is sulfur found in nature?

Sulfur can be found in hot springs, meteorites, volcanoes, galena, gypsum, Epsom salt, and barite.

How many isotopes are in sulfur?

there are 210 known isotopes in the element of sulfur i found this on sulfur factrs periodic table of the elements

Does sulfur become radioactive?

Ordinary sulfur found in nature is stable, but there are synthetic isotopes of all elements, including sulfur.

How was sulfur discovered?

it was found as a crystal

Who found sulfur?

Hennig Brand

Is sulfur found in bacteria?


Is sulfur found in proteins?


Is sulfur found in the ocean?