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A library

2007-03-15 23:20:10
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How many albums has Mariah Carey sold of Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel?

As of March 2010, the album has sold 458,498 copies in the US.

How do you get get copies of pay stubs from your employer?

You can get copies of pay stubs by going to your human resource department. You can also usually access the online.

What are some drawbacks to making two copies of the excel and access information?


Where can I get access to old copies of the The Wicklow People local newspaper dating back to 1939?

the bugars

Where can you access and download an repair Manual for a Ford?

Don't think you can but your local library will have copies of what you need.

Where can you go if you dont have a manuel to recognize a lit symbol on dash panel?

The manufacturer's web site might have copies of owner manuals. For example, Chevrolet has an owners center where you can access copies of their manuals.

What is the main advantage of creating links to a file instead of copies of the file?

The main advantage is not really that it saves disk space (though it does that too) but, rather, that a change of permissions on the file is applied to all the link access points. The link will show permissions of lrwxrwxrwx but that is for the link itself and not the access to the file to which the link points. Thus if you want to change the permissions for a command, such as su, you only have to do it on the original. With copies you have to find all of the copies and change permission on each of the copies.

How do you access estates and wills?

You access probate records by going to the probate court where the decedent lived, looking the name up in the index to find the docket number and then requesting the file. You can read through the file and obtain copies of any documents. Some courts have public copiers where you can make your own copies. Others charge about one dollar per page for uncertified copies made by the staff.

Can you get Destination Tokio Hotel in English?

Currently, I believe the only copies available are in French.

What does scp -r do?

Recursively and securely copies files to a remote system where the user has Secure Shell (SSH) access.

What does feuilles de copies mean in English?

Copy sheets. I imagine it refers to photocopy paper.

How do you validate windows home edition?

Go to the following website: and click on the Validate button. This will confirm that your installation is genuine and will allow you to access the updates that only validated copies of Windows can access.

How do you say your copies are done in french?

"Vos copies sont faites" (your copies are done) or "vos copies sont finies" (your copies are finished) or "vos copies sont prêtes" (your copies are ready).

How do you change photoshop language to English?

Edit. Preferences. Country and language. However, in legal copies this is selected on installation.

Can I access the Social security death index?

Copies of the Social Security Death Index are available from many online sources. There is a free copy on's Historical Record Collections. Some of the paid online subscription programs such as also have copies.

What does the Spanish phrase copias de seguridad translate to?

The Spanish phrase copias de segridad translates in English to backup copies or safety copies. You can find the answer to many Spanish phrases by using a translating dictionary.

What is the name of the Bible that is a translation from Hebrew to English?

All English copies of the Hebrew Scriptures are translated from Hebrew to English. These books are always called The Hebrew Bible (or the Tanakh, תנ״ך)Christians refer to these books as "The Old Testament"

How many copies of The Lord of the Rings were sold in the US?

There have been over 150 million copies of the full story printed and sold throughout the world. It would be difficult to put an exact number on the copies sold in the US, as the English versions were sold in many countries throughout the world, but it is somewhere in the millions.

Where can i find Shakespeare's plays with the original early modern English spelling and characters?

You can try websites which offer copies of the original quarto copies of the plays published in Shakespeare's day, or of the first folio, some of which are on the related links.

Was the treaty of Waitangi reprinted or did it travel around the country?

There were several copies made (all of which were in English) they traveled around the country.

Is there an English version of the German TV series Derrick and how can you get hold of it?

Yes there is, it was dubbed by a Welsh audio post production company in the late 1980s into English. I don't know where to obtain any copies from.

What does the Italian phrase 'copisteria' mean in English?

Copisteria is the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese word that means copying in English. It can also refer to the name of a shop that makes and sells copies.

How can you get Texas copies of child custody online?

You will need to get your attorney who filed your custody papers to give you the access to them online or to print them for you. These papers cannot be accessed without authorization.

Where can I download Star Trek The Original Series for free and under 100 MB?

For legal copies you can access Amazon - they have them in episodes - does not support illegal downloads (Pirating )

When do you need a certified copy of your deed?

Certified copies of your deed are usually requested for some legal transaction such as a sale or mortgage or evidence in a court case. Entities who don't have access to the land records usually will request certified copies of land records to make certain the documents are complete.