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on the airline website, go to the careers section

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Is married women can apply to be a flight attendant?

Their are so many airline who do hire married women for flight attendant.

How do you apply flight attendant position?

Just jut it down on your resume, like "Position desired: Flight attendant" or "Cabin crew" its that simple^^

Where can you get a stewardess job?

These days the position is called "Flight Attendant". You can apply to get a stewardess/Flight Attendant job at any airline. Be professional in your appearance and be prompt to the interview.

How do you apply for the job of flight attendant?

check the careers page for the airline your interested in

Why do you want to apply flight attendant?

my future career is to become a flight attendant i always admired this jobs and its always my dreams to become 1 by the grace of the almighty father

Flight attendant requirements?

what are the requirements of a flight attendant

How does one apply for a Flight Attendant school?

To apply for a Flight Attendant school you must first research which school appeals most to you and their requirements for application (such as finishing high school). Then you must follow their rules by filling out a form or application and await reply.

Can you get a flight attendant job with a misdemeanor?

This question can only be answered by contacting the company you wish to apply to.

Can a man be a flight attendant?

Absolutely A flight attendant is for any gender.

How can I be a flight attendant?

To become a flight attendant, one would just need to apply to an airline. Having a passport is a must for a flight attendant and having some sort of degree is recommended but not a requirement. A background in customer service can make up for not having a strong educational background. Each airline will have different requirements for their flight attendants.

Subjects at school you need to be a flight attendant?

subjects are needed to be a flight attendant

How do you say 'flight attendant' in French?

"Flight attendant" in French is "h

Can a flight attendant have health conditions?

A flight attendant can have health conditions but some health conditions may prevent a flight attendant from getting the job.

Do flight attendants have many options for career advancement?

within the ""Flight Attendant"" career path there are advancement opportunities.&After working as a flight attendant for a couple of years, you can move on to supervise, then to a check Flight Attendant, then to a Supervisor of Flight Attendant groups, then a Base Manager (managing the entire flight attendant base) then to a VP or Director level position as Manager of Inflight.

What is a sentence with attendant in it?

The flight attendant boarded the plane

Do I need a college degree to apply for flight attendant jobs?

Having a college degree is not necessary to become a flight attendant, though many airlines do prefer applicants with a college degree. Most airlines will provide training to qualified applicants.

How old do you have to be to be a flight attendant for Delta Airlines?

you have to be 20 to be a flight attendant for delta airlines

What is the British English word for flight attendant?

flight attendant = air host / air hostess



What is the salary for a flight attendant at delta airlines?

is it 44,171 for a flight attendant at delta airlines.

Do you need to go to colllege to become a flight attendant in Cambodia?

To become a flight attendant,We have to go to college.

Who is a flight attendant?

a flight attendant is a person who helps airlines passengers. they serve food and beverages during flight and helps passengers in an emergency. flight atendants go through training to learn what do in an emergency situation. to apply simply check the careers website for the airlines it should tell the qualifications. speaking another language is prefered

How to present self introduction of an interview of flight attendant?

If you are interviewing for a flight attendant position, be yourself. Talk about where you're from, what you like doing in your spare time, and a bit about why you want to become a flight attendant.

Is airline flight attendant a career only for girls?

No, a flight attendant is not just a career for girls. many men are now flight attendants.

What type of shoes dose a flight attendant wear?

A flight attendant wear black leather and light shoes

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