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I need to know this so badly. This is really important!!!!!!!!!!!

you wouldn't be able to audtion for HSM2 because its already made and is coming out in less then a month

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Q: Where can you audition for Disney's High School Musical 2?
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How do you get on high school musical 3?

You audition.

How do you take part in high school musical?

Audition for it.

How did you get the role to be in high school musical?

I had to audition to be in high school musical. I hate high school musical nowthough. I really am sick of it. Especially how mean Gabriella is to Sharpay.

How old to you have to be to audition for high school musical 4?


How can you become an extra in high school musical 3?

Audition for it.

Where can you audition for High school musical 3?

no offense, your slow the movie came out like a year ago. and you would have to have an agent to audition for it anyway. and nobody likes high school musical either.

Which song did Vanessa Hudgens sing in the high school musical audition?

== ==

Where can you audition for the High School Musical 2?

Create a profile on and they'll get in touch with you.

What song did Ashley Tisdale sing for her audition for high school musical?

bop to the top

How can people find out about the high school musical 3 audition in Texas?

Google it, it's not that hard

What is the song Vanessa Huggens sang for the High School Musical audition?

angel by jessica Simpson

Which song did vanessa sing for the high school musical audition?

the song angels by jessica Simpson

How do you get into High School Musical or Hannah Montana?

audition you can't get into hsm3 because they are already filming.

Can you audition for High School Musical 3?

The link to auditions expired when the film was cast in early 2008.High School Musical 3: Senior Year was released on October 24, 2008.

How do you get an audition for High School Musical 3?

go to and write the thing you want can get it from there now get lost

Can you be an actress in high school musical 3 even if i was 12?

u probably can . just get a talent agent and audition

What is 'High School Musical'?

High school musical is about teenagers in high school and is also a musical.

When is High school musical 3 air on Disney channel?

High School Musical 3 will not premiere on Disney channel but it will come out in thearther on 10/24/08 but don't think because its called senior year that high school musical will be done and over because high school musical 4 will be coming out next year in June and disneys wizards of Waverly place Selena Gomez will be starring in the movie but high school musical 3 will probably end up showing on Disney channel maybe in two years or less

What are the name of the 3 high school musical movies?

The first High School Musical movie was just called High School Musical. The second High School Musical movie was called High School Musical 2. The third High School Musical movie is called, High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

What is HSM mean?

HSM stands for High School Musical. High School Musical is a movie. There's a High School Musical, High School Musical 2 and High School Musical 3. The 4th one did not come out yet.

How old do you have to be for high school musical can you be 9?

no you can not be nine to get in to high school musical you have to be in high school

What letter is next in the sequence of HSMC?

High school musical is gay and sucks High school musical is gay and sucks High school musical is gay and sucks High school musical is gay and sucks High school musical is gay and sucks

What year were the kids from high school musical?

High School Musical 1: Juniors High School Musical 2: Junior/Senior summer High School Musical 3: Seniors

What is school called in high school musical?

The name of the high school in High school musical is calledEAST HIGH

Where is the high school in high school musical located at?

there is no high school named high school musical it was just a movie.