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Where can you buy 1000.00 worth of new pennies?

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Your local bank should be able to help you.

2006-08-08 18:37:52
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Q: Where can you buy 1000.00 worth of new pennies?
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How much money is ten million pennies?

In the US, ten million cents is equal to $100,000 USD. In New Pence, ten million pennies would be £100000.

What is a 1981 Barbados quarter worth?

in new condition it worth $100000 in ok condition its worth $1000

How much 4 pennies are worth in decimalisation?

Four predecimal British Pennies convert to 1.666 New Pence at decimalisation.

Where can you buy a new home in California for under 100000?

Only in your dreams.

How much is 53 pounds of pennies worth?

If there is roughly 165 U.S. pennies in a pound of mixed (old and new) pennies, times 53 pounds, the total would be about $87.45.

What are fifty pounds of pennies worth?

That will depend upon the pennies being weighed. Uncirculated copper pennies minted 1909 to 1982 (not including zinc 1943) are heavier than the new zinc pennies that started in 1983. Fifty pounds of the old copper pennies would be about $72.50. Fifty pounds of the new zinc pennies would be about $90.00.

What are indian pennies worth?

Please post a new question and include the date, mintmark and condition.

How do you find a source to buy a case of the new Lincoln pennies?

A good place to look is Ebay.

How much are Lincoln pennies worth?

Post a new question and include denomination, condition, mintmark and year.

What are shiny new 1970 circulated pennies worth?

June 25 2011 Since the coin is circulated and is not a rare date it is worth face value.

How much is a penny made in 1999?

Too new to be worth more than face. For pennies, they must be 58 or earlier (wheatbacks) to be worth saving.

How much are wheat sheaf pennies worth?

Please post a new question and include a date, mintmark and condition.

How much are 1965 steel pennies worth?

Pennies (or one cent coins) were not made of steel in 1965 in the United States (nor in Canada, Great Britain, Australia or New Zealand).

Where can you find the new pennies?

You should be able to buy rolls from your local bank. At least, I would think so.

What in dollars is 21 pounds of pennies worth?

Twenty-one pounds of pennies are roughly $38. A new US penny weighs 2.5 grams, there are 453.5 grams in a pound, therefore there are approximately 181 pennies in a pound, and using this there are 3809 pennies in 21 pounds. Three thousand eight hundred nine pennies equal $38.09.

What years are rare for British New Pennies?

There are no British "New Pennies" that could be considered rare.

What would New Zealand one penny coins be worth for year 1861 year 1875 year 1876 year 1885 year 1891 year 1893?

With the possible exception of traders tokens (with the traders business name on them), there were no "New Zealand" Pennies minted prior to 1940. Any Pennies circulating in New Zealand prior to 1940 would have been mostly British Pennies and some Australian Pennies (from 1910).

Why do the new pennies have less mass than the old pennies?

The newer pennies have a different proportion of metal

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How many pennies could be made from the statue of liberty?

Is that British old pennies, British new pennies, or American cents, often nicknamed 'pennies'?

How many 1952 New Zealand Pennies were minted?

There were 10.8 million 1952 New Zealand Pennies minted.

What are common 1955 wheat pennies worth?

About 3 cents, unless its in "Perfect Like New condition" then you might be able to get $1 or 2for it.