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In Manila at Metro market market Philippines.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-07 08:44:48
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Q: Where can you buy Lip Smackers in the Philippines?
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Where can you buy lip smackers from?

Lip Smackers lip gloss can be bought in pharmacies, like CVS, or make up stores.

Where can you buy Lip Smackers in Philippines?

Before, I bought my lip smackers in sleepcare in alabang town center. But now the lip balm stall is gone so I dont know where else to buy. I bought Kool Aid flavror! Awesome right? it was at a pack of 3.

How many people buy lip smackers lip balm a year?

7.8 million

Is lip-smackers the same as chapsticks?

Chapsticks and lip smackers are so the same the only difference is lip smackers make ur lips shiny. And if ur young, like a kid I recommend LIP SMACKERS.

How much are lip smackers?

they range from £2.50 - £10.00 if you buy the packs

Were can you get cheap lip smackers from in England?

They sell lip smackers in Claires Accessories on the makeup stand.

Where can you buy lip smackers from in new zealand?

KMart, Farmers, Pharmacies. That's where I saw them

Does Walgreen's sell lip smackers lip gloss?


How many lip smackers?

Bonne Belle Company(The Lip Smacker Company) has lots of lip smackers. Please go to

Does lip smacker expire?

Some do not have expiration dates on the regular Lip Smackers, however, with any Lip Smackers that have SPF, there will be. Usually it is stamped at the bottom.

Are lip smackers sold in Thailand?

Yes, In Playtime at Ekamai. Not many lip smackers are sell in Play time but still... there are.

Are Girl Scout Cookie flavored Lip Smackers gluten free?

No, Girl Scout Cookie flavored Lip Smackers are not gluten free. All Lip Smackers products contain wheat germ oil.

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