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Baikal guns are being imported by Remington under the 'Spartan' name.

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Where can you buy a barrel for a baikal shotgun izh27?


What is the difference between 1187 Remington and the Baikal auto shotgun made by Remington?

Baikal isn't made buy Remington; it just has the name stamped on the side. It is made by baikal of russia

Where to buy Steven's 311 12 gauge shotgun barrels?


Where can you buy a stock for a Baikal shotgun?

Baikal parts are available thru EAA Corp. Below is a link to their parts store.

Where you can buy rifle barrels to your Baikal Taiga or izh-94 it is very good combination with .308 or 7.62 53R barrels?

You probably wont be able to. They would have to be specifically fitted to your receiver.

Where can you buy Mossberg barrels?

you can buy mossberg barrels in gun stores or from gun publications like, shotgun news, cheaper than dirt, midway supply, brownells, or go on-line to, and order them from the factory.

Where can you buy a slug barrel for a Browning Sweet Sixteen shotgun?

Will be hard to find, and expensive. Do an internet search for Corson's Barrels.

Can you use a sabot slug in a 2200 series full choke Winchester shotgun?

no you cannot. sabot slugs are made for rifled barrels. I would buy a rifled slug barrel.

Where can you buy a barrel for the el faison 410 shotgun?

Your shotgun was imported into the US from Spain about 40-50 years ago. Other than a lucky chance of finding another gun to act as an organ donor, you are not likely to find a set of barrels. Sorry-

12 ga 32 inch barrel long tom single barrel shotgun?

Buy Shotgun. Buy Shotgun.

Legal age to buy a shotgun or rifle in pa?

you have to be 18 to buy a rifle or shotgun

Can your dad buy a shotgun for you if you are under 18?

He can buy a shotgun, but, it is legally his until you turn 18

Where can you buy choke tubes for Baikal shotguns?

In tennessee can you buy a shotgun with a domestic violence charge?

No, you can't buy a shotgun in the state of Tennessee if you have had a domestic violence charge.

Can you buy new barrels for browning auto?

Yes, there are several sources on the intermet where you can find barrels. Japanese barrels are more recent, but even so, original Belgium barrels can be found at places like and Midwest supply.

Where to find replacement barrels for Stevens 311a 12 gauge shotgun?

You could post in the classifieds on When you find them (which you will, they are everywhere), they will have to be fitted to your frame by a very good gunsmith, and between the barrels and the fitting it will cost more than if you just bought a gun in good condition. Buy another good gun and you'll have yours for parts!

Legal age to buy a shotgun or rifle in IL?

u have to be 14 to get a shotgun listens

How old do you have to be to buy a shotgun in Arkansas?

18 for a shotgun/hunting rifle, and 21 for a handgun.

Where could a person buy a 12 gauge shotgun?

A person is able to buy a 12 gauge shotgun in a gun's store or a store where equipment for hunting is sold. One may also buy a shotgun in an exibition show where the law permit it.

Where can you buy playskool stack and nest barrels?

toys r us

Can you buy a shotgun-pistol in California?

If you mean a smoothbore with barrels less than 18 inches long, you can't buy one in the US without permission from the BATF. That depends on the local laws. Check with the local police or talk to gun guys at a gun shop or gun show.

How old do you have to be to get A gun license in Maryland?

There is no gun licence in Maryland. You must be 18 to buy Title 1 long barreled weapons (your 'average' shotgun or rifle) and 21 to buy handguns and Title II NFA items (rifles with barrels under 16 inches, shotguns with barrels under 18 inches, transferrable full auto weapons, suppressors, AOWs, etc), if you can get approval for the NFA items (in Maryland, it's doubtful).

Can you buy a barrel for this shotgun?

Ask me if I have a tractor.

Where can i buy a Nerf shotgun in Australia?

you cant

What age can you buy a shotgun in Nashville?


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