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at the front ,ww2 impressions ,what price glory

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Q: Where can you buy World War 2 uniforms?
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Who made uniforms in World War 2?

the women made the uniforms in world war 2.

Where can you buy Canadian World War 2 uniforms?

Authentic Canadian World War II uniforms can be purchased through military salvage stores and thrift stores. Reproductions of these uniforms can be ordered from specialty shops such as Costumes Inc.

What the soldiers war in World War 2?

1) Wore* 2) Uniforms

What was world war 2 uniforms made of?


What did world war 2 British soldiers wear?


What did the soldiers of World War 2 wear?

They wore uniforms with emblems.

What is the value of World War 2 uniforms?

Over 9,000 dollars!

What did the army uniforms look like in world war 2?


What were the German uniforms made of in world war 2?

cotton and wool

Did soldiers wear green or tan in world war 2?

Americans wore Tan uniforms and green uniforms

Where can you see World War 2 axis uniforms?

Try this site It has a detailed list of the uniforms.

What did American uniforms in World War 2 look like?

Much as they do now.

What clothes did soldiers adults wear during World War 2?


Were to get World War 2 Lego sets or World War 2 replica uniforms?

There is a really cool website where you can get Lego World War 2 figures and weapons. The website is called BrickArms (see link below). They have unlimited weapons used in World War 2 and Lego figures during the War. I am not sure where to get replica uniforms. Maybe you should just search the web for ideas.

Had the uniforms changed from the time of World War 1 to World War 2 this is for my homework so please help?

Yes , the uniforms had changed from world war to world war such as the field uniform of those who served in the first world war went from khaki colored to that of olive drab , the helmets changed shapes , field packs changed , dress uniforms changed , etc ... ~ see link below .

Who is the best supplier of reenactment uniforms for World War 2? is pretty good

What do your call pins on World War 2 German ss uniforms?

Medals or Awards........

Where can I sell World War 2 navy uniforms?

Try eBay or an antique store.

What types of different Nazi uniforms were there in world war 2?

2 types SS and Waffen SS

What do rats have to do with World War 2?

Rats were actually the uniforms that the Autralians wore. (the name of the uniform)

What did the Japanese soldiers wear during world war 2?

tan colored cotton uniforms

What did the women do in the factories in World War 2?

They made weapons,munitions, uniforms, tanks, airplanes, ships.

How do you paint German World War 2 camouflage uniforms?

With the blood of jews. A paintbruish is effective to apply this

What was true of the North during World War 2?

the north were agenst slavery and they also had blue uniforms

What type of clothes did men wear during World War 2?

If they were in the armed forces they wore uniforms.