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Where can you buy a 12 gauge Ithaca 37 new or used 8-round magazine tube?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-19 12:39:16

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eBay is a good start. Also, the Ithaca 37 is back in production and we should be seeing new parts available shortly.

2006-08-19 12:39:16
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Where is the serial stamped on a model 37 Ithaca?

On my 1950s vintage Ithaca Model 37 16 gauge it is on the right side of the end of the receiver where the magazine tube and barrel go into the receiver, and also on the barrel adjacent to the number on the receiver. The numbers should be the same on both the barrel and receiver unless the barrel is not the original barrel, at least on mine they are.

Ithaca Model X-5 Lightning?

What do you want to know? They made the X-5 lightning in both a tube-fed, and a magazine rifle.

Can the magazine tube on an Ithaca M 37 be changed to an 8 shot tube and use the short Defender barrel?

First off, the Ithaca is one of the finest pump shotguns ever made, and the ones made now are the best yet. (And no, I don't work for them, but I shoot them!) The first criteria is how old is you Ithaca Model 37. Ithacas with a serial number lower than 855,000 DO NOT have interchangeable barrels, so for those, the answer would be no. Ithaca M 37 shotguns with a serial number higher than would easily swap out both barrels and magazine tube. Make sure you have the right spring to go with the 8 shot tube and you should be set. Any more questions can be directed to the Ithaca website in the related link below.

Can you convert your 22 tube magazine to a box magazine?


What organ eliminat urine from the body through a tube?


How do you get the magazine out of a model 1890 Winchester rifle?

I assume your are referring to the tube magazine. there is not box magazine. at the tip of the barrel, underneather, you will see a knob. turn the knob and remove the inner magazine tube....................

You are looking for an Inner Magazine Tube for an Ithaca Model 72?

buy a kit from brownells.get the short one. 18"? just had mine put in. works great. just had to have a hole drilled to put the pin in.

The outside diameter of the magazine tube on a Mossberg 410HS?

I have a HS 410. The magazine tube O.D. appears to be 0.625"- 0.687".

How much is a Ithaca featherweight model 37 worth?

depends on the year and manufacture date of your gun . also do all the parts match by serial Number you should find the serial Number on side of the receiver (on newer Ithaca) older style Ithaca the serial Number will be on the Recevier (Between the magazine tube and barrel) then look up WWW.SURPLUSRIFLEFORUM.COM on their site look up on their Search engine type in "ITHACA 37 DOM" there you'll find the serial list number

What is the function of the circular switch with selections of S and R where the magazine tube meets the receiver on a 12 gauge Browning BPS Special Steel shotgun?

That functions as a magazine cut-off. When put in 'S' position, the gun functions as a single-shot.

Can a cartridge remain chambered in the M500 shotgun after removal of all cartridges from the magazine tube?

Yes. Shotshells are fed from the magazine tube to the chamber. When the last shotshell is fed from the magazine to the chamber, the magazine is empty, but the shotgun remains loaded.

How do you take the plug out of a mossberg 535 twelve gauge Shotgun?

Remove the barrel and then unscrew the magazine tube from the receiver.If the mag tube is too tight to remove easily, use pliers or visegrips ONLY on the very last inch of the tube where the barrel screwed in. It's the only solid part on the tube and it won't bend or crush.

How do you remove the magazine tube on a 870 Remington shotgun?

The actual magazine tube that connects to the receiver is brazed in there, so it removing it isn't an optimum solution.

Stevens model59a 410 shotgun with a tube feed magazine what is it worth now?

Steven 410 shotgun with a tube feed magazine what is it worth now

What are the function of bourdon gauge?

Bourdon gauge is a type of aneroid pressure gauge consisting of a flattened curved tube attached to a pointer that moves around a dial. As the pressure in the tube increases, the tube tends to straighten and the pointer indicates the applied pressure.

How much is a Ithaca model 37 DSPS worth?

If it has a four round magazine tube (typically found on models with 18" barrels) it's worth about $275. If it has the seven round tube (most often seen with 20" barrels, then it's worth about $375. These prices assume very good condition.

The shape of a rain gauge is a?

A cylinder or a tube

What type of pressure gauge can measure vacuum pressure?

A Bourdon Tube or a Bellows gauge

A Bourdon tube is often found in a?

Manometer or pressure gauge.

What is an open ended tube that collects rainfall?

It is called a rain gauge

Can't load magazine of A-5 Brouning 12 gauge with bolt back due to metal piece preventing access to loading tube?

Contact Browning for an owner's manual. The bolt should be forward when loading the magazine, and then operated to load a shell into the chamber.

How do you increase the magazine capacity of a shotgun?

Pump and some autoloading shotguns of popular makes with tube magazines using threaded magazine caps can have magazine extension tubes added. Typically these are sold as a kit with tube and spring. The tube replaces the magazine cap. Box magazine shotguns such as the Saiga just need a larger capacity magazine added. Older shotguns using magazine plugs held in by screws usually cannot increase mag capacity.

Where can you buy a magazine tube for Marlin 81-dl?

Brownell's makes a generic .22 magazine assembly tube kit with all the parts you can fit to many old .22 tube fed repeaters.

Can bourdon's tube pressure gauge be used to measure negative pressure?

Bourdon's tube pressure gauge cannot be used to measure negative pressure. This is because absolute pressure must be measured and the Bourdon gauge only indicates the gauge pressure.

How do you insert a plug for a Remington 870 shotgun?

On the end of the magazine tube there is a threaded-on cap. Remove this cap. You will now find a "spring plug" inside the front end of the magazine tube. Carefully pry this spring plug out of the magazine tube. Put a pair of safety glasses in the proper location on your face because once you get this spring cap close to the end of the magazine tube the magazine follwer spring will push it out of the mag. tube faster than you can say"Oh sh.. crap". Once this spring cap is out you can pull the magazine spring out if it already hasn't landed in the living room. You can now insert or remove a cartridge number restricting plug. Next you'll need to push the extended magazine spring back into the magazine tube and re-install the spring end cap. To get the spring plug in flush with the front edge of the magazine tube, tap it into place with a plastic screwdriver handle to prevent distorting the thin walls of the mag. tube. Replace the screw-on end cap and that's it.